10 Reasons it’s better to be faithful in a relationship

When you’re in a relationship, you want to trust your partner completely and know that they’ll never do anything to jeopardize your relationship. A lot of times, partners are hurtful to each other and don’t always treat one another the way they should, but there are certainly benefits to staying faithful in your relationship. Take a look at this list of 10 reasons it’s better to be faithful in your relationship.

1) Staying faithful increases happiness

According to one study, when we cheat on our partners, we’re actually less happy. When you’re faithful, you can devote all your energy to your partner and get more out of your relationship. You don’t have to waste time or energy thinking about other people or having secret trysts. The research suggests that those who are cheating are less likely to be happy with their partners and have a higher risk of breaking up than those who aren’t cheating. Cheating also puts your health at risk—one survey found that women who were unfaithful had a 50 percent higher chance of contracting an STD. And if you’re married? It could put your marriage at risk too—in fact, studies show that infidelity is among the top reasons for divorce.

2) A happy relationship lasts longer

A 2010 report from Cambridge University showed that couples who reported an increase in passion over time were less likely to break up than those whose passion decreased. In general, happy and faithful couples tend to have a higher level of satisfaction, meaning they’re more likely to stay together long-term.

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3) No cheating means no guilt

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. When you’re with someone you can trust, you don’t have to worry about them being unfaithful. This means that there’s no guilt and no sense of wrongdoing or lack of appreciation—you know they are always going to be by your side. Why would you want anything else? The answer is simple: You wouldn’t. So why mess with something that already works? Staying faithful makes for happier relationships and happier people.

4) Low risk of STDs

The data is clear: being promiscuous will increase your chance of contracting STDs. It’s safer for you and your partner if you stay faithful. Furthermore, it also makes sense from an evolutionary perspective: why would we evolve to become sick? one reason might be that disease-free individuals have more children. You should also consider how some diseases are spread through direct contact– by touching a partner, for example. For instance, if you or your partner has multiple partners, then you have a higher chance of getting diseases by spreading the diseases through sexual contact.

5) Commitment means security

Staying faithful not only keeps your partner from cheating or breaking up with you, but it ensures that there will always be someone in your life who loves you, cares for you, and is invested in your future. Rest assured that they will have someone there to offer them support and attention when they need it.

6) Faithfulness strengthens communication

The openness and transparency of the relationship are crucial. When both partners are faithful, they’re more willing to engage in honest dialogue and work through any issues that arise, which strengthens their bond. Feeling faithful makes you feel safe. If you can let go of the fear of your partner being unfaithful to you or flirting with another woman, you can live your life without worries. Believing that your significant other is faithful and committed is special and gives you a feeling of security.

7) Honesty is attractive

Honesty is admirable. It can give us a sense of security with someone, make us feel comfortable. When we know that our significant other is always honest with us, we trust them completely. No more worrying about hidden things, the truth will come out and all is as it should be. To ensure the foundation of honesty in your relationship, you’ll tell your partner everything. Your partner will in turn trust you and feel relaxed in your presence. Happiness in a partner leads to peace of mind.

8) Dating someone who is loyal shows respect for yourself and your partner

Dating someone faithful can help you be more relaxed in your relationship, because you know your guard is down. This way, your relationship will have time to grow into something meaningful. You will never have to worry about being cheated on or lied to. That makes for a lot of stress you no longer have to carry around. If you and your partner don’t have any secrets, then it is less likely that you will feel jealousy, insecurity, and misunderstandings that may make it difficult to love them.

9) Being honest leads to positive change

Trust me, being honest always leads to the best result – especially when it comes to relationships. To save your current marriage or have a healthy one in the future, being honest about things will build trust and keep lines of communication open. You get what you give. If you want things to improve, giving yourself a chance to be vulnerable is one of the best ways to make it happen. And as long as you are honest about the cause of the failure, you will have opportunities for improvements as well.

10) Keeping faith will help you succeed in all other areas of life.

Being faithful in a relationship, makes you feel good about yourself: It’s true that cheating isn’t something that feels great—and neither does being cheated on! Staying faithful helps keep self-esteem high because you know that no one else has access to your heart (or body). Cheating may seem like an easy way out of a tough situation, but it only leads to hurt feelings and broken hearts—not things that make people feel confident and happy about themselves.

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