6 ways to deal with a child without hitting

6 Ways to deal with a child without hitting If you are among these parents, through this article you can discover the best and easiest 6 basic rules for dealing with a child without hitting.

But it is often misunderstood, as most parents believe that child discipline results from beating, punishment, and violent power over them. But this is not true at all, for disciplining the child has many different methods other than those means that may destroy the child’s soul and mind and make him an abnormal child at all.

6 ways to deal with a child without hitting him

We will mention in the following lines 6 ways to deal with a child without hitting:

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Clarity about expectations

How would you like the child to answer a question you ask? How would you like the child to behave in front of guests or in a public place?

What do you mean when you say you want to discipline children?

If you don’t have answers to these questions and you’re not clear about what you expect the child to say or do, how can the child know how to act?

A good specialist has clear expectations and is able to explain the same thing to children, so you should always expect that your child’s answers are a result of what you have inculcated.

Be careful at first, then be clear about your child’s results for 6 Ways to deal with a child without hitting.

6 ways to deal with a child without hitting
6 ways to deal with a child without hitting

Nobody is perfect Top 6 ways to deal with a child without hitting

Be practical when setting expectations and remember that no one is perfect. Set specific, realistic, and limited goals that your child can actually achieve. When you set expectations that are difficult to achieve, your child may give up and do what is easy.

Don’t be authoritarian or violent

Authoritarianism is a very bad idea. Authoritarianism, violence and injustice do not take into account the child’s point of view and are often insulting to them. As for tolerance and justice, it is the required model in dealing with the child, so praise the child for good behaviour. Respecting and listening to what he says makes your child both trust you. And he resorts to you in his problems, so always be respectful of the child and his point of view.

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Good listening is the most important 6 ways to deal with a child without hitting

When you talk to your child, leave what you are doing, put away your personal phone, and direct your eyes to him so that he feels the importance of what you say and makes him a good listener to others. And when he talks to you, do the same, and show him some kind of interest, affection, and passion for what you say.

To make this a form of understanding between you and affection during the conversation. So that he is not afraid to tell you about his personal problems, even if they are big from your point of view or from his point of view for 6 Ways to deal with a child without hitting.

Use mistakes as teaching opportunities

Use the child’s mistakes as an opportunity to teach him something new, to be a better person. Avoid the urge to react violently when they say or do something wrong. Try to remain as calm as possible. Make them understand that what they did or said was wrong.

Once you have pointed out the mistakes subtly, simply, clearly and calmly tell them how to correct them. So that he can absorb what you are saying to him and understand the mistake he made and not go back to repeating it again.

Be a role model for your child

Be fully confident that what you instill in your child of sound values, principles and behaviors, you will reap. Therefore, you should always try to set a good example for him in your actions, the way you talk to him, listen, or even punish you.

Stay away from violence, tyranny and fanaticism. So that the child’s psyche is not affected, as much as possible, be calm, balanced, sane and logical in problems. Until you harvest and get a normal child with a healthy soul and mind.

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