7 principles to organize your life

7 principles to organize your life. Time expresses the temporal distance between events or expresses a point on the time line. Units of time and time include the second, minute, hour, day and week, and fractions of these units are also used to express time.

7 principles to organize your life

In the following lines, we explain the 7 Principles to organize your life:

1- A specific time to accomplish any task in your life:

7 principles to organize your life. Time management comes with organized thinking about the available time and the jobs we want to accomplish. You have 24 hours a day. Determine the time you need for your physical needs, such as sleep, which is supposed to not exceed 8 hours. It is better to train yourself to be satisfied with 6 hours every day, and practice waking up and sleeping early.

As a study revealed that sleeping before midnight brings more benefit to the body, and another study revealed that the human brain works better in the early morning, especially at dawn.

2- Set a time for self-entertainment:

Organizing time does not mean that you refrain from spending a wonderful time in self-entertainment with hobbies and personal activities, but rather helps you to allocate time for this, by setting a time for each hobby in the day.

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7 principles to organize your life
7 principles to organize your life

3- Setting priorities:

7 principles to organize your life. Determine the priorities of your professional, family, social, and academic life, and write your goals in life, as there is no point in organizing time if there are no goals in your life that you dream of achieving, and break them down in the form of tasks.

4- Create a schedule:

Draw a timetable similar to the school timetable, or choose the shape you want, provided that it is clear, and on a large sheet of paper, in which you distribute the times of the day, and put in each field the task that you want to accomplish, then hang this schedule on the wall, and review this schedule on Always.

5- Priorities above all:

7 principles to organize your life. Do not confuse priorities, so that you give your time to a task that is not a priority and you do not have time left for your basic tasks, or you do not have enough time to accomplish priority tasks. Try to agree between them and learn how to intervene and change according to any of these cases.

6- Flexibility:

One of the most important things for the success of the schedule is flexibility. If you allocate an inappropriate amount of time for a task, you have to change the time and allocate the appropriate time for this task.

7- Wasters of time:

7 principles to organize your life. Determine the things that waste your time, such as watching television for a long time to no avail, the Internet for a long time without the need for it. And try to limit it and reduce it, and when you sit, you determine the period you want to sit only.

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