10 benefits of keratin for hair

Benefits of keratin for hair – Keratin hair treatments are a popular way to get shiny, smooth hair. Often called a Brazilian blowout, this treatment is a semi-permanent styling solution whose results can last up to 6 months. Although it can be pricey, many people feel that the results are worth the cost, so what are the benefits of keratin for hair? And what are its side effects? Learn, dear reader, all this information in the following article.

Benefits of keratin for hair

Potential keratin hair benefits include:

Strengthens the hair:

Whether you choose an in-salon or at-home keratin hair treatment, keratin products help strengthen hair that has been compromised by chemical and mechanical damage, keratin has been shown to help strengthen hair by 40%.

Softens hair and reduces frizz:

Keratin-infused products, which often come in oil form, can lead to smoother, shinier, and healthier hair.

Adds shine to hair:

Since keratin helps smooth hair and fill in damaged areas in the hair shaft, it adds a lot of shine to your hair, and this is one of the most prominent potential keratin hair benefits.

Reduces the appearance of split ends:

Benefits of keratin for hair Keratin helps strengthen and smooth hair together, which reduces the appearance of split ends, which encourages hair growth.

Reduces drying time:

A keratin treatment actually reduces the porosity of your hair, which means less water will be trapped inside the hair cuticle. This means it can reduce your hair drying time. This in turn can reduce exposure to heat, which can improve hair health.

Results can last for:

If a person takes proper care of their hair, uses the right products and doesn’t wash it too often, the results of the treatment can last up to a few months.

Hair becomes more manageable:

Benefits of keratin for hair People with particularly curly or thick hair may choose a keratin hair treatment because it can help them reduce styling time and make their hair more manageable.

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Benefits of keratin for hair
Benefits of keratin for hair

Reduces hair breakage:

Keratin is a structural protein, so it can strengthen the hair and reduce breakage, as the treatments help their hair grow faster so the ends of the hair do not split or break.

Increases color fastness:

If you’re thinking of getting a color, it’s best to do it before you treat your hair with keratin; Because the color increases the stability of the color on the hair, and this is an additional benefit of the benefits of keratin for hair.

Helps prevent and repair damage:

Benefits of keratin for hair Keratin provides an extra layer of protection that your hair may need if it has been damaged by chemical processing. Keratin also helps hair regenerate during certain seasons and conditions when it is more prone to dryness. It helps keep your hair healthy by preventing split ends.

Keratin side effects

After knowing the potential benefits of keratin for hair, it is important to know the most prominent side effects of applying keratin to hair, which include:

  1. It contains formaldehyde Many keratin treatments, not all of them, contain formaldehyde, which makes hair look straighter.
  2. But this substance may pose a lung hazard if inhaled, some companies will actually try to hide the fact that their keratin product contains this chemical.
  3. Cost The cost of applying keratin to hair is high, and this may be a barrier for many. Less expensive home options are available, but the results will not last long.

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