Benefits of pigeon meat 2023

Benefits of pigeon meat. There are many benefits of pigeon meat that you may benefit from for your health in general, as it is a rich source of protein, and it also provides you with many other nutrients that your body needs, for example: iodine, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, in addition to acids. Essential fatty. Therefore, you must eat it at least every week as part of your healthy and balanced diet, and to know the Benefits of pigeon meat in detail, continue reading the following article.

Benefits of pigeon meat

There are many desired and potential benefits of pigeon meat, and among the most important and prominent Benefits of pigeon meat that you must know are the following:

Helps the growth and development of the body

Pigeon meat is distinguished by its high richness of proteins, as its protein content reaches approximately 20%, which you must know that protein is considered one of the necessary and essential nutrients for the construction, growth and development of the body.

In general, these proteins help maintain muscle mass and strength. Therefore, we advise you to include pigeon meat in your child’s healthy and balanced diet, as it will help him grow and develop in a healthy and good manner.

Contributes to the distribution of the necessary oxygen in the body

Benefits of pigeon meat It is known that iron is a vital mineral that works to produce blood in the body, as it is called hemoglobin in the blood and myoglobin in the muscles, and both types help to transport oxygen in the body and muscle cells as well.

Eating pigeon meat will significantly help you absorb iron easily, because it produces heme iron, unlike the non-heme iron that you get by eating some vegetables and fruits Healthy Food, which are difficult for your body to absorb easily.

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Benefits of pigeon meat
Benefits of pigeon meat

It strengthens the immune system

As we mentioned earlier, pigeon meat is one of the meats and poultry rich in zinc, which contributes to your body staying healthy or even becoming healthier because of its role in strengthening the immune system.

Where it was found that individuals with zinc deficiency were more likely to suffer from different types of pathogens compared to individuals who had an adequate amount of zinc.

Other benefits of pigeon meat

Which includes:

  1. Maintaining healthy nails and hair.
  2. Protecting the body from free radicals.
  3. Increased thyroid activity.
  4. Reducing the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.
  5. Relieving muscle pain.
  6. Reducing depression.
  7. Lowering blood pressure.
  8. Controlling blood sugar levels.

How to cook pigeon meat

You should be aware that the best types of pigeons for quick cooking are farmed birds and younger wild birds, and in order to cook them, you must follow the following steps:

  • Choose young pigeon meat, as it is easier in the cooking process, and it gives a pink color after cooking, which is the desired color.
  • Put the pigeon breasts in salted and spiced water for two days before cooking them, as this will give them a wonderful flavor.
  • Cook the pigeon brisket for about 15 minutes on a moderate heat to get a tender meat, and you must cook it gradually and evenly to get the Benefits of pigeon meat.
  • Make sure to rest the breasts after cooking them for at least four to five minutes, in order to keep them in the maximum possible amount of juice, i.e. their marinade.
  • If you want to grill them, we recommend that you fry the pigeons in a pan for 10 minutes before roasting and grilling them, or you can cover them with butter before grilling them in order to get excellent results as you desire. Cook the pigeon legs before cooking the breasts and separately, as they take longer to cook.

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