5 best activities for babies

Best activities for babies. Nothing is more enjoyable for a mother than playing with her infant, and nothing is more important in the life of an infant than playing. The truth is that play is not just a pleasant time for infants, but it is very important for the development of their language, social and mental skills, in addition to promoting physical growth.

5 best activities for babies

In the following lines, we will explain the 5 best activities for babies:

Touch the ball necessary tools

  • best activities for babies. Elastic ball – zipped bag.
  • Activity: At first, make your child hold the ball and feel it well, then put the ball inside the bag and close it, move the ball inside the bag and make your child touch it to stop it.
  • Put another game with the ball and ask the child’s to find the ball, and see if he caught the ball or the toy.
  • This activity teaches the child to use and stimulates the sense of touch.

Crawling on the belly

  • Tools needed: A stuffed cylindrical pillow. Activity: Babies love to move and stretch.
  • best activities for babies. Put your baby on his tummy on the pillow and watch if he moves forward or backwards, try to lift a foot and see if this encourages him to move forward or not.
  • Be careful not to fall the baby, and know that he will move when he is ready.
  • This activity stimulates the child’s self-confidence, develops the skills of using the body parts together, and stimulates social development.

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Best activities for babies
Best activities for babies

Unpacking gifts the necessary tools

  • Gift wrapping paper. Activity: Children love to explore what is inside the gifts.
  • best activities for babies. Bring his favorite toy and wrap it in gift paper in bright colors, put it inside a bag and give it to him, watch him take it out and try to unpack the paper to discover what’s inside.
  • This activity develops creative expression, stimulates the use of touch, and helps strengthen the upper body.

Paper sounds necessary tools

  • best activities for babies. Some papers and gift wrapping papers. Activity: Bring a set of papers to the child.
  • Let him play and have fun with it, watch your baby crawl towards the papers and tear them.
  • He will be very pleased with the sounds he makes from playing cards.
  • The skills learned from this activity are distinguishing sounds, tactile stimulation, and creative expression.

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