7 best activities with your kids

Best activities with your kids. Mothers are keen to enroll their children in many activities, and encourage them to practice them in the club, at home, etc., but what about you? Do you do any kind of activities with them? I know that this is difficult with the lack of time and the multiplicity of responsibilities, but your children have the right to spend some time with you other than the time of discipline and studying.

7 best activities with your kids

In the following lines, we explain in detail the 7 best activities with your kids:


best activities with your kids. What’s wrong with bringing sketchbooks and colors and sitting together to share the coloring? Create together what you would like to draw and color on a large piece of paper. Share them in the work and not just guidance, and you will notice the enjoyment of your children.


best activities with your kids. Dancing is one of the most energizing activities, play your children’s favorite songs, and start dancing together, and you will be amazed at how energetic you will feel.


best activities with your kids. Cooking is basically an authentic activity for Mama, but have you ever thought about getting your kids involved in the kitchen? You can agree to prepare dinner together. Get them to do the safe chores, like peeling vegetables or flipping a salad, and of course they’ll love eating what they’ve prepared themselves.


best activities with your kids. There is no better way to get children used to reading than to share reading with them. Bring one of the stories and start reading it to them. They will love Mama’s voice as she imitates the characters. Of course, it will be a different experience for them if you read to them a book that talks about animals or plants, and you may find yourself acquiring new information that you did not know before.

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best activities with your kids
best activities with your kids


best activities with your kids. I must admit that I love cycling until now, and it is one of the very favorite activities for child’s people, so why not share this fun with them while you are at the resort or the club.

Play hide-and-seek

best activities with your kids. This is a classic game that has been inherited by generations and young people never get tired of it. Share the game with your children and suggest that you be the one looking for them, and you will feel that you are a child again full of activity and vitality.

 Activity of their choice

best activities with your kids. The last activity you can do with your children is to choose them, ask them what they would like you to share with them. Maybe it’s a game they play at school or an activity they learned with their friends, you can also encourage dad to join in the fun.

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