7 sentences that make your child hear speech

Sentences that make your child hear speech. The question that many mothers are looking for an answer to, as trying to control the behavior of a two-year-old child is a daunting task, and some mothers may find it impossible, as most children at this age are not good at listening to directions, and all they care about is discovering the tempting world around them.

You can’t stop your child from his great experiments and adventures in discovering the contents of the garbage can or the kitchen shelves. Or knowing the texture of this little ball by putting it in his mouth.

7 sentences that make your child hear speech

  1. “You are very cooperative”: This sentence makes your child feel that he is doing a good job when he cooperates with you to do something, and it also makes him feel independent and able to help others.
  2. “Wonderful. You eat well” Mothers often use negative phrases to describe their children’s behavior, causing them to act accordingly.
  3. Mothers often complain that their children are tired of eating in front of them, which backfires.
  4. Use this phrase as an alternative when your little one eats his full meal, to encourage him to repeat this positive behavior that won your approval.
  5. “Can you help me?”: If you notice that your child is about to do something that might hurt him, like standing up on an office chair on wheels.
  6. You can use this sentence to quickly get his attention and direct him to another action, instead of using threats and prohibitions that do not work.
  7. sentences that make your child hear speech. For example, you can ask him how to install the cubes, as if you need his help.
  8. “How about we try this instead of this?”: You can also use this sentence in the event that you want to distract your child from a certain behavior, for example, instead of telling him: “Don’t throw your toys like that.” Ask him, for example: “How about we put playing here?” And so on.
  9. Thank you for helping me: sentences that make your child hear a speech. Showing thanks and appreciation to your little one when he behaves well will encourage him to do it again in the future.
  10. “Thank you for hearing me”: If your complaint is that your little one does not listen to your words, then you should thank him when he hears what you say.
  11. Many times your little one looks at you and needs you to assure him that what he did is a good thing, and that this is what you really want.
  12. “Did you do it all alone?”: Every child strives to be as good at doing things as an adult.
  13. This sentence will make him feel strong and accomplished, sentences that make your child hear speech. It will also increase his confidence in himself and his abilities.

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Sentences that make your child hear speech
Sentences that make your child hear speech

How do I make my child obey me?

There is no need to feel frustrated that your child does not obey your directions, listening is a skill that is not fully developed in your little one, and like other skills that develop with time and practice. A child’s at the age of one and a half years can respond to instructions by 40:50.

sentences that make your child hear speech. At the age of two years, he can respond to instructions by 60%, and by the age of 3 years, he can respond to instructions by 70%. So the first step to child hear speech dealing with this problem is to make your expectations achievable in proportion to the age of your little one, do not expect him to be 100% obedient, as he is not qualified for that.

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