When will the results of drinking collagen come out 2023

When will the results of drinking collagen come out 2023 – Many women are interested in taking nutritional supplements and food supplements, for example: collagen supplements, and it is worth mentioning that they are available in many forms, such as: oral pills, syrups, powder or powder, and topical creams.

In addition to the fact that collagen is involved in the manufacture of many cosmetic products, and the most frequently asked question remains, when will the results appear after starting to take collagen supplements? Continue reading the following article to find a clear answer to the question, “When do the results of drinking collagen appear?”

When will the results of drinking collagen come out in 2023

The benefits that women seek to obtain after taking collagen supplements vary, and these benefits may include improving skin health, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, supporting healthy and strong nails and hair, reducing joint pain associated with osteoporosis, enhancing muscle health and strength, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

But when can these results start to be noticed? And when will the results of drinking collagen appear? The formation and formation of collagen in the body is a slow process, meaning that it will take some time before seeing results, and this period is estimated to be at least 8 weeks.

However, the results indicate that the appearance of results may differ based on the target organ, so we will clarify the answer to the question, “When do the results of drinking collagen appear?” According to the member, the following:

  1. Skin health: 4-12 weeks, which equates to 1-4 months.
  2. Nail support: 24 weeks.
  3. Hair support: not yet clear.
  4. Less pain after training: within a few days.
  5. Supporting muscle strength and mass: 3 months with regular exercise.
  6. Joint support: 4 – 6 months.
  7. Tendon support: 3-6 months with regular exercise.
  8. Bone density support: 12 months.

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drinking collagen
drinking collagen

Factors affecting the results of drinking collagen

After we clarified the answer to the question, “When will the results of drinking collagen appear?” It is important to note that the previously mentioned are not fixed standards, as some factors may affect them, and we will mention them as follows:


Results certainly cannot be noticed without getting the required daily dose, and the daily dose of collagen is estimated at 10-20 grams. It is worth noting that doses may vary from one product to another depending on the type of collagen used, so read the instructions on the packaging before you start drinking collagen.


Collagen is not a complete protein, which means that it does not contain all nine essential amino acids that are important to the body. As it loses one of them, which is tryptophan, so you must drink collagen supplements in addition to adopting a healthy diet full of proteins from its complete sources.

Collagen type:

Each type of collagen has different benefits from the other type, so you must choose the type of collagen that suits your needs.

Personal and lifestyle factors:

Some factors may affect the absorption of collagen supplements, such as: age, medications, some medical conditions, and lack of drinking water, for example: vitamin C deficiency prevents collagen absorption.

Ingredients in the supplement other than collagen:

Some types of collagen supplements contain ingredients that support collagen absorption, such as: Vitamin C.

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