Free trading course 2023

Free trading course – How do I learn to trade from scratch for free? How long do you need to learn trading? Is the forex market good? What is trading for beginners?

Free trading course

Are you looking for trading courses? Want to become a professional trader but don’t know how to start?! Is foreign exchange trading or what is called Forex or stock trading is the best?! There are a lot of questions in our minds about trading that we cannot answer.

Therefore, we will try to clarify the answers to these questions through our article today, where we will present to you the best free trading course in the field of trading from scratch to professionalism, as we will learn through these courses about the concept and types of trading and which of these types is the best.

In addition to the best ways to professionalize trading and win any deal. Now let’s get acquainted with the best trading education courses from scratch to professionalism.

Trading education course from A to Z

The A to Z trading education course is one of the best free trading courses, as the course contains everything you need to know about trading. Through this course, you will be able to learn all of the following:

  • The meaning of trading, and the way to complete the trading process.
  • The difference between forex and stock trading, and why stock trading is better than forex.
  • Analytics used in trading.
  • You will also be able to read the chart.
  • How to trade professionally.
  • Steps to start trading and how to choose a broker.
  • Best forex trading strategy for beginners.
  • How to find the right stocks to trade.
  • You will also learn about all the basic science of risk management in trading.
  • In addition to the method of making a successful trading strategy.

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Free trading course
Free trading course

Free trading course and foreign exchange

Are you looking for a comprehensive course in the field of foreign exchange trading or the so-called forex? If your answer is yes, then this course is for you. The course contains everything you need to know about foreign exchange or forex trading. For example, in this trading education course, you will find lectures on each of the following:

  1. Explain the best forex strategy for currency trading and learn forex.
  2. Through the currency analysis lecture, you will learn how to read and analyze economic articles for foreign currencies.
  3. Prepare for forex trading and begin trading at the beginning of each week.
  4. How to trade forex using economic news and reports.
  5. Pricing and re-quoting strategy for forex traders.
  6. Full explanation of fundamental analysis and economic reports for currency trading.
  7. Central banks and their five tools and the impact on the movement of the forex markets.
  8. Explanation of the C.O.T (Commitment of Traders) report for forex, gold and oil traders.
  9. Professional drawing support and resistance levels.
  10. The RSI indicator and its uses.
  11. Elliott waves and price patterns for learning technical analysis.
  12. Explanation of moving average lines and strategies.
  13. The best time to use volatility.
  14. Explain the correlation between currencies and their relationship to Japanese candlesticks.
  15. How to trade currencies using government bonds or sovereign treasury bonds.

Free trading course complete

This course is one of the trading education courses offered by the Free trading course and it is sponsored by Tickmill, and by following this course you will be able to open an account with the sponsoring company Tick Mill to start the first steps of foreign exchange (forex) trading. Now let’s get acquainted with the content of this course:

  • At the beginning of this course, you will get acquainted with the concept of forex.
  • The most important world currencies.
  • Indices and virtual currencies.
  • Defining forex pairs, knowing the main ones and their subs.
  • Explanation of the MT4 MetaTrader platform.
  • Definition of the point.
  • The concept of bullish and bearish market.
  • Definition of the lot, and explanation of margin trading.
  • Explanation of the client area and opening an account with Tickmill.
  • Chart concept.
  • Opening and closing deals on the laptop.
  • Add indicators on the mobile platform.

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