Herbal Cough Remedies: Here are 7 of them

Herbal Cough Remedies: Here are 7 of them – Cough is the body’s response to something that irritates the throat or airways, and the cough that afflicts us from time to time is normal and healthy and is not a cause for concern, but a cough that lasts for several weeks, or that is accompanied by colorless or bloody mucus.

It may indicate the presence of a health problem that requires medical attention, and there is no doubt that it is a very disturbing symptom when catching a flu or even in the stages of recovery from it, and when it is strong, it causes stress to the body, insomnia, dizziness, headaches, or vomiting.

Herbal Cough Remedies: Here are 7 of them

You can treat a cough (cough) caused by colds, allergies, and sinus infections with a number of over-the-counter medications. Along with drug therapy, you can try some home remedies that can help treat your cough, such as:

Onion or onion powder

Onions and onion powder are among the best herbal remedies for coughing. Eat onion soup or a teaspoon of onion powder with a spoonful of honey daily. They have a magic effect in calming cough and its annoying symptoms. You can also use onions, as follows:

  • Mix the juice of one lemon with one tablespoon of white honey and one tablespoon of grated onion.
  • Place them in a covered bowl over a pot of boiling water and leave for two hours.
  • Then remove the lid and filter the mixture of impurities and put it in a sealed bottle, then eat a tablespoon of it every hour to two hours.

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Herbal Cough Remedies
Herbal Cough Remedies


Herbal Cough Remedies: Here are 7 of them Crush fresh ginger or chop it into small pieces. Add a pinch of cloves and cinnamon powder, then put this mixture in a cup of hot water and stir well.

Take it 4 times a day to get rid of symptoms of cough and dry throat. You can also chew fresh ginger pieces to get the same result.

The Garlic

Herbal Cough Remedies: Here are 7 of them You can use garlic as a treatment by crushing a clove of garlic with a few cloves and half a spoonful of honey, and eating the mixture on a daily basis. But if you do not like eating garlic directly, you can add it indirectly to your daily meals during cooking.


Herbal Cough Remedies: Here are 7 of them – Turmeric is one of the herbs rich in benefits, which is especially used in the treatment of dry cough, and you can treat cough with herbs by using turmeric roots through the following:

  • Dissolve some turmeric powder with a tablespoon of white honey in a cup of warm water.
  • Eat it daily until recovery.


Mix a little cloves with honey and then put it in the refrigerator for the night. Use a tablespoon of this mixture every day in the morning, as it is a great balm for sore throat and cough.

Lemon juice with honey

Herbal Cough Remedies: Here are 7 of them – Lemon contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which helps fight infection and increase the body’s immunity. It also helps treat coughs and sore throats by limiting the spread of the virus.

You can boil lemon with honey to make an effective cough syrup. Eat a tablespoon of it throughout the day, depending on the severity of your cough. There is another way to use lemon to treat cough, which is to mix lemon juice with hot pepper and honey, as honey and pepper contain substances that disinfect the throat and soothe cough.

Carrot juice

Herbal Cough Remedies: Here are 7 of them Where you can make fresh carrot juice using at least four fruits and mix it with water without adding sugar, and eat it throughout the day and when you have a bad cough.

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