How to deal with bad friends 2023

How to deal with bad friends? A friendship cannot be a cause of trouble and trouble, but not always; The concept of friendship is often exploited for bad purposes that may sometimes kill individuals or harm their future.

There are good friends and bad friends, and a person should stick to a good friend with good morals and good qualities. And getting rid of the bad friend so that this friend does not harm him or pollute him, and in order to get rid of the bad friend. You just have to be firm and honest with yourself, and you don’t want to pollute your life by approaching such a bad person.

How to deal with bad friends?

In the following lines, we will mention ways to deal with bad friends with ease:

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Method 1: Talk to him and guide him to what is right

  • How to deal with bad friends? If he doesn’t respond correctly, tell him that you haven’t spoken to him again.
  • Then try to avoid him and make the friendship superficial.
  • Avoid contact and contact with him.
  • Attachment to another friend so that he will guide you in the right path.
  • Changing the place where the bad friends are, or leaving the city, or the neighborhood, or even the street in which they live.
  • Searching for a good companion who helps in truth and goodness; The believer is weak alone, and strong by his brothers.
  • Increase and persevere in acts of worship, and avoid sins and major sins. Excessive obedience increases love for her, and increases hatred of unbelief, immorality and major sins.
  • Realizing the reality of a bad companion, and the dangers and serious problems that accompany him.
How to deal with bad friends 2023
How to deal with bad friends 2023

The second method: staying away from friends in the place of residence

  1. How to deal with bad friends? Changing the environment and moving from the place where bad friends meet, or leaving the entire city, neighborhood.
  2. Or street in which someone lives, who wants to get rid of their evil. ?
  3. Searching for good companionship that helps in truth and guidance, because the believer is weak in himself and strong with his brothers
  4. Doing a lot of acts of worship and avoiding major sins and evil deeds.
  5. So if a person does more good deeds and acts of worship, he loves them and loves their people, and he hates unbelief, immorality and disobedience, by the permission of God Almighty.
  6. Being preoccupied with teaching beneficial knowledge, reciting and learning the Noble Qur’an, and filling free time with acts of worship.
  7. This is one of the most beneficial means of getting rid of bad companions.

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The third method: Meditation on the evils

  • How to deal with bad friends? Meditation on the evils that accrue to a person from his contact with bad company, helps him to get rid of them.
  • It is from this that the friends of disobedience and the companions of worldly interests are the first to abandon their friend.
  • In addition to the fact that a committed Muslim or one for whom good is hoped,How to deal with bad friends? if he mixes with immorality, he is classified according to them.
  • He joins them, and he counts on them even if he does not approve of their actions, just as accompanying them leads to disobedience.
  • Repentance from the above and serious determination to change your situation for the better.
  • With a lot of supplications to God Almighty to guide you to good company that guides you to goodness and helps you in it, and to distract you from evil and its people.
  • Whoever feels that right, it will be easy for him to keep away from evil and its people.

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