How to plan your study time: 5 Steps

How to plan your study time? Achieving the dreams and aspirations that we have drawn since childhood has one path, which is excellence and success in studies. In order to be more efficient in it, we must organize the time wisely and try to adhere to it as much as possible.

Time Management

Organizing time is one of the keys to achieving dreams. Many students think that this is difficult, but I tell them that there are multiple ways to organize time that can be followed step by step and applied in academic life to lead to excellence.

How to plan your study time: 5 Steps

In the following lines, we explain the steps for organizing time in detail:

Work a schedule that includes seven days a week

How to plan your study time? With the advent of the school year, many school jobs appear. Therefore, you must determine the activities that you will do and the necessary lessons, according to priority, where the most important first, then the least important. Distribute the hours per day to include time for studying, eating, meeting friends, cleaning your room, and your hobbies.

Evaluate the number of hours that you will need to finish studying each subject over the course of the week, then divide them by the days. For example, if you see that a subject needs 10 hours of study per week, then devote about two hours per day to it.

Have your schedule visible

How to plan your study time? The timeline that you have prepared, you should write it in a small notepad that you always keep with you, and also write it in a large paper and copy it and put it in your room in a visible place. This is so that you can always remember the study dates and the number of hours for each subject.

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How to plan your study time
How to plan your study time

Stick to the set schedule and reward yourself

How to plan your study time? Of course, when you set the start and end dates for studying each subject, this will help you get things done and not feel chaotic. When you are able to complete your studies and stick to the schedule, reward yourself however you like.

Work harder and focus on your studies

How to plan your study time? This does not mean that you should spend the whole week studying continuously, but rather make sure that you focus fully when you study and avoid things that may distract you. Therefore, if you feel tired and exhausted, why don’t you take a leisure day and then re-walk according to the study schedule.

How to organize time to study in the holidays

How to plan your study time? If you cannot remember all the lessons on the same day, some of them can be postponed to the next day or to the end of the week, provided that the subject is one of the easy and beloved subjects for you.

When you study, make sure that you sit well (a session of attention), such as sitting at a desk or the dining table, and not a session that helps you relax and be lazy, such as sleeping on the bed or the floor, so as not to disrupt comprehension, as if the body is preparing to go to sleep.

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