How to start investing from scratch in 2023

How to start investing from scratch in 2023? Those who want to put their money to work are interested in learning more about investing for beginners. As the term investment has spread recently, which raised many questions to know what are the goals and importance of investment that the novice investor seeks to achieve.

What are the most important motives and areas of investment that he can start with? And also what are the investment risks for beginners that they can be exposed to. Therefore, through the following lines, all questions will be answered in detail.

How to start investing from scratch in 2023

It is considered one of the most important economic terms in recent times. But in fact, it is nothing new. But it was developed according to modern technological developments. As it is one of the main sources of wealth for individuals.

This is because it is the process of buying assets such as (land) or commodities at today’s price to sell them in the future when their price increases. It can also be defined as the use of a specified amount in purchasing something. In order to achieve profits or financial return in the future. While doing this process (the investor) who has the money. And be a person, company or institution.

Investing from scratch motives

The investment motives for beginners are among the main factors in encouraging them to go through this process to achieve a financial return. And that is by using the money in a correct way that increases its value in the long term instead of freezing it. Therefore, among the most important of these motives are the following:

  • Money growth and increases over time through the purchase of assets or stocks and bonds.
  • It will bring huge profits in the future.
  • Securing the future of investors at retirement age. Provide them with affordable income from their earnings.
  • Operating funds in unusual areas, the most important of which are (real estate and lands).

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How to start investing from scratch in 2023
How to start investing from scratch in 2023

Types of investing from scratch

The types of investing from scratch can be classified according to the specific goal to be achieved, which can be explained as follows:

  1. Economic: is the production of goods or the performance of consumer services such as (agricultural and industrial projects).
  2. Social: This type works to raise the level of well-being of individuals and is represented in cultural and sports projects.
  3. Administrative: concerned with the development of military and government buildings that sustain communities.
  4. Human Resources: This type works on developing human resources by providing training and educational programmes.
  5. Financial: It is the purchase of already built or existing projects for profit.
  6. Quick-return investment: It represents dealing in high-yield asset classes. Such as (local shares, or real estate).
  7. Slow return investment: It is dealing in more than one area of ​​investment with a small amount to reduce risks and achieve the highest return.
  8. Long-term: It involves the participation of others in factories or private companies for long periods of time, not less than five years.
  9. Short-term: means temporary or marketable investments that are easy to sell and convert into cash. The time period for this type ranges from three months to a year.
  10. Direct investment: In this type, the individual carries out an economic, commercial or industrial activity. But it takes a large period of time to make a profit.
  11. Indirect investment: the individual invests by purchasing stocks, bonds, and securities, but can make a profit within a short period of time.

Investing from scratch areas for beginners

There are many areas and choices in which an investor can invest his money. But they must be known and studied well in order to be able to make the right choice to choose the best field, and they are as follows:

Cash and commodities

This type of investment is characterized by its low risk. But it also makes little returns and profits. Therefore, it is one of the best areas for beginners to work in.

Stocks and bonds

Buying a share in a company or organization is tantamount to buying a small share of its assets. The shareholder shall have the right to receive a percentage of the company’s profits. He can also sell shares when their price rises.

But investing from scratch is different from stocks. Because it is about the investor lending his money to the company, which is obligated to pay him a fixed interest rate that depends on the general interest rate during the lending period.

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