How to make a mobile shop project 2023

How to make a mobile shop project 2023. At first, a good feasibility study should be prepared showing the cost of the project, which includes the cost of products, rent, labor wages, and others. It is also necessary to know the types of mobile phones that are most popular with customers, in order to start selling them.

How to make a mobile shop project 2023

There are some equipment that must be taken into account when opening a mobile phone store, which are:

  • It is preferable that the shop be equipped from the inside by placing appropriate decorations with the sold product.
  • The make a mobile shop project also needs a small office with a computer on it, in order to record supplies and sales, and help in opening phones on the computer to do maintenance.
  • The facade of the commercial project, preferably made of glass, in order to display all the products available in the store.
  • It is also preferable to choose an attractive name for the project, commensurate with working on mobiles.
  • Some services can be added to the mobile shop, such as balance transfer, mobile maintenance, and others.

Make a mobile shop project success factors

In order for the mobile shop project to succeed, a set of factors must be provided for the success of make a mobile shop project, including:

  1. A suitable location should be chosen for the project at the beginning.
  2. Do not exaggerate the prices of goods and products that are sold, whether they are related to phones or computers.
  3. Make sure to use high quality products.
  4. Good dealing with customers.
  5. Keeping abreast of the latest changes and developments in the markets.
  6. Some simple gifts can be distributed to customers, especially if the deal is for the first time, and these gifts may have a phone number printed on them for profit.

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make a mobile shop project
make a mobile shop project

Tips to help make a mobile shop project successful

This group of tips helps make a mobile shop project successful for those who follow it, which are:

  1. Competitors must be studied and familiarized with the products they offer and the different prices, for those who wish to achieve legitimate competition and great profits.
  2. The owner of this project must constantly release the latest prices in the market and the latest tastes and fashions in the world of mobiles.
  3. Setting high prices for products is one of the fastest factors for failure, because most customers know the prices of these products, because they are popular items.
  4. Mobile phone maintenance is one of the factors that help attract another segment of customers, especially since electronic devices in general are quickly damaged.
  5. He must also know the licenses and procedures necessary to open the project and adhere to all procedures correctly, so that he does not face any problems after that.
  6. Mobile phones should be kept in safe lockers to prevent theft.

Products that are sold in the mobile project

There are many different products that can be sold in the make a mobile shop project, including:

  • Original chargers for mobiles.
  • Headphones for mobile phones or computers.
  • bluetooth headphones.
  • Cases in different shapes.
  • Phone or flash storage cards.
  • selfie stick.
  • The mobile holder that is placed in the car.
  • Screens that are placed on the phone and tablet.
  • mouse.
  • keyboard.

How to get make a mobile shop project products

One of the important things that concern many young people coming to this commercial project is the place where they can get the products of make a mobile shop project, so the following should be followed:

  • You should get to know all the products on the market and know the characteristics of each product.
  • If the products are Chinese, they can be obtained directly from China, saving a lot of expenses.
  • You can also search online and get the lowest prices for these commodities.
  • Products can be purchased directly from China by traveling to China and making agreements on the required goods.
  • Or you can deal with the wholesaler of these products, and get the lowest prices from him.

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