How to make money online for free

How to make money online for free? Earn money for free from the Internet automatically or the best guaranteed money-making sites from the Internet are a few samples of the things that are searched through the Google search engine related to ways to profit from the Internet for the year 2022, today we will learn about the best of these ways through which you can earn money for free, quickly and in ways Honest and not fake.

make money online for free
make money online for free

Make money online for free

Self-employment, work from home, or many other terms are just the tip of the iceberg related to earning US dollars from the comfort of your home. As the methods of profit from the Internet have become many and varied and millions of people work around the world. And that through a lot of companies and social networks that allow and allow making money online.

Far from the office and the traditional jobs that have come and leave appointments, today the work is done according to what you see fit for you from the time and time, and in the place you want. It is easy to work in the bedroom, kitchen, living room. and other places, so that you can work in parks and public places. The important thing is to have the skills, a computer and an Internet connection.

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How to make money online for free

There are a lot of ways that you can make money and generate income through it, including for make money online for free:

  1. Earn money from Google with Adsense ads.
  2. Profit from Facebook videos.
  3. Earn money writing e-content.
  4. Profit from creating visual content through YouTube channels and other channels and platforms.
  5. Earn money from microservice sites.
  6. Profit from designing t-shirts and clothes through the Amazon Affiliate website.
  7. Earn money from affiliate marketing.
  8. Earn money with email marketing.
  9. Earn money from smart phone applications such as Tik Tok, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other platforms.
  10. And other popular methods.

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The best ways to make money for free from the Internet

In the next few lines, we will try to identify the best and most popular ways to make money from the Internet, which as I mentioned I used myself to achieve income, as follows:

Make money online for free writing content

The first method is to write electronic content through the site and electronic blogs, for example, WordPress sites, and Blogger blogs. It is easy for you to create and create a website and start adding your own content on this website.

The content varies according to the language. You can write content in Arabic, English, or French if you have more than one language. And earning money through it will be by publishing Google Adsense ads on your site and achieving continuous and continuous income from behind these ads that appear on your site or YouTube channel. All you have to do is the following for Make money online for free:

  1. Start creating your WordPress website, or a free blog via Blogger.
  2. Write and add electronic content in Arabic or any language you want.
  3. Make sure that the content is exclusive, not plagiarized or copied.
  4. Continue writing for at least 6 months of the website’s life.
  5. Make sure to catch keywords on your site in order to gain visits and views that speed up the approval of the application to join the Google AdSense program.
  6. You can now submit a request to participate in the Adsense program.
  7. Wait for your application to be approved or rejected, and you will receive a response via email.

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