How to succeed in the personal interview 2023

How to succeed in the personal interview 2023. The personal interview is one of the most important things that an individual wishing to join a job must be concerned with, as, through his success in that personal interview, he will be accepted for the job or for the job he desires. Getting to know him, his qualifications, whether scientific or practical, and determining his personality.

This is in addition to responding to some inquiries that he did not clarify in his CV. Therefore, the personal interview is of high importance for the individual wishing to work or a job. Therefore, he must prepare, and prepare for it. And in all respects, where he will be judged by his success, whether by the employer or his representative. In order to succeed in the personal interview, there are a number of rules that must be followed before and during the interview by the individual.

How to succeed in the personal interview 2023

In the following lines, we will mention how to succeed in the personal interview 2023:

Gathering information about the workplace

It is known that among those usual questions in a personal interview is the question of the individual, what do you know about the company or organization. Therefore, a person must collect information about the institution or company. Which he wants to work with, for example, the date of its establishment. The number of its employees, the nature of its activities, its objectives, and other information about that company or institution.

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Curriculum Vitae

It is the summary that the person wishing to work submitted to the employer at the beginning. He must take into account that it contains information about his scientific or practical career. And clearly so that he can, if he is asked about any of the information contained in it, about him. To reply as there are many people who do not prepare their CV themselves. And some of them do not bother to read what it contains, which exposes them to severe embarrassment during the personal interview as a result of their inability to respond. Which negatively affects them, of course.

personal interview
personal interview

Wear the right dress for the interview

It is necessary to take into account the appropriate dress for the personal interview, in order to appear in a good personal appearance.

Don’t be late for an interview

Taking into account not to be late for the personal interview, as this will leave a bad and negative impression on the individual on the interviewee.

Turn off the mobile phone during the personal interview

It is necessary to take into account the closing of the mobile phone, as leaving it open during the personal interview means lack of interest in the interview on the part of the individual.

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The way you sit

The individual must take into account the way he sits during his personal interview, for example. If he is going to sit at a meeting table then he has to sit down. His back is sound with his hands placed in front of him on the table. In the event that he will be sitting at the office of the person responsible for conducting the interview. He must take into account that his back is sound by sitting, while his hands will be at the bottom.

Personal interview tips

In the following lines, we will mention the most important personal interview tips:

  1. Take into account not to shake the body a lot, as this will give the interviewer that you are nervous.
  2. Take into account that the look of your eyes is on the person responsible for conducting the interview with you, and nothing else catches your attention.
  3. Taking into account the extreme seriousness and this is by not disregarding the words of the person responsible for the interview, but it is possible to just smile with a light if the matter requires it.
  4. Treat the interviewer with respect.
  5. Take into account that your voice is not high or low during the personal interview, but rather that your voice is clear and understandable only.
  6. Taking into account not to lie in any order or question from the part of the official to you.
  7. Then take into account not to ask any unnecessary questions at that initial stage, for example, asking him about the weekly breaks for work.

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