Profit from the production of red meat in Turkey 2023

Profit from the production of red meat in Turkey, the red meat production project in Turkey is one of the most important projects currently, as the reality in Turkey differs from the rest of the producing countries.

In this article, this project will be simplified, the costs will be known, and the most important recommendations for the success of this project, in addition to clarifying and listing the laws that regulate these projects. Knowing that the data and data received have relied on official sources to clarify the project mechanism.

Profit from the production of red meat in Turkey

There are a number of important recommendations about the red meat production project in Turkey, including the following:

  • Rehabilitation of the project administratively in order to achieve sustainability based on reducing production costs.
  • As 15% of the assets can be reduced, and that is when the Production of red meat in Turkey project is designed in a way that can rationalize spending.
  • Such as reducing labor, water and electricity at a lower cost, and others.
  • Preparing a well-thought-out plan for the exit of an integrated project capable of exporting its products to the foreign market.

Production of red meat in Turkey project laws

The main determining factor for investment in any country is government laws and their various strategies. The Turkish government, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Red Meat in Turkey, is the main determinant of the investment process in this field, and the following are the most important of them:

  1. Through the organizing laws that it develops and updates continuously, and these laws greatly affect all aspects of the project.
  2. Starting with the facilities, loans and conditions required to establish the project with all future controls.
  3. Accurately adjusting prices in the local market, while continuously controlling the import of project requirements and inputs or exporting its outputs.
  4. The Ministry also has, under government guidance, several goals to direct investment, most notably raising the citizen’s share of meat on an annual basis.
  5. Which amounted to 32.3 kg in 2019. It is considered a lower rate than that global average of $9/10, as the rate currently does not exceed $7 for pure meat.
  6. The ministry also aims to provide a fixed stock of Production of red meat in Turkey, which is not less than 50 thousand tons.
  7. Therefore, the Turkish government supports the establishment of red meat production projects in the domestic market.
  8. It provides a grant that can reach 20% of the percentage of fixed assets, which is non-refundable, and which is not provided directly.
  9. Rather, it is granted to the account of the consulting company concerned with developing the study and working on its implementation, bearing in mind that there are conditions for that grant.

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production of red meat in Turkey
production of red meat in Turkey

Profit conditions from the production of red meat in Turkey

We will explain in the following lines the terms of Profit from the production of red meat in Turkey:

  • Availability of licenses based on the establishment of a company that owns an area of land that is not less than 10 dunums, in addition to high standards related to shelter conditions.
  • To raise the value of those fixed assets to 200 percent, which improves the project’s profitability and reduces labor and production costs.
  • The barn is also built according to accurate standards and the most expensive is the roof, which is also conditioned that Production of red meat in Turkey be made of two-layer insulated sheet material.
  • The farm should also be provided and supported with electric current through the main network, at the expense of the investor.
  • The meat farm should also contain a water source, either through the network or by digging a well to obtain a license for earn money.
  • And for the company to have an accountant who is hiring in an official way, and the state determines in the project the number of heads in the farm according to the roof area and it is not necessary to adhere to the number.
  • But it is a condition of the license for Production of red meat in Turkey and the export of live animals from Turkey.
  • It should be noted that the government facilitates the withdrawal of loans with low interest rates, and that this should be done in the long term.
  • After the establishment of the red meat project in Turkey and the start of the production of red meat in Turkey, the government guarantees to the owner of the project the purchase of the production in full for those who wish at the specified market prices, and it is binding on everyone.
  • Among the forms of government support for this project are the technical services and veterinary services that the state provides for free or at reduced prices.

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