How to profit from applications for Android 2023

How to profit from applications for Android 2023? Do you have an idea for a free mobile app? But you doubt that it is worth the investment? What are the strategies for monetizing free money mobile apps? This is a collection of the best ways to earn money from apps and important tips for making money.

How to profit from applications for Android 2023

In the following lines, we will mention the best ways to profit from applications for Android 2023:


Advertising is probably the most common and easiest to implement when it comes to free money making app.

In-app ads are actually the driving force in order to profit from applications for Android.

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Paid upgrade

In this method you need a paid second copy of your app. If users like the free version, they are more likely to choose a paid version that has some additional functionality.

The idea here is to have a free app with some features.

And you have a paid second version that contains additional features. The paid version is offered to the user for purchase.

For example, MX Player, the popular video player available on Google Play.

This mobile app has a free version, but it contains ads.

Users are offered a paid version of this application called MX Player Pro.

It’s the same in terms of functionality, but it comes without ads.

This free mobile apps earning option is very effective, but you don’t have to offer many functions in your free app. Otherwise, few users will pay the price.

profit from applications for Android
profit from applications for Android

Financing is the best way to profit from applications for Android

Finding a sponsor is a profitable monetization model.

Usually, it works this way: you create a mobile app that gets a lot of users.

You then contact a sponsor and offer to update the design of your app to match the sponsor’s branding.

There are two types of sponsorship deals: You can either split the revenue with your sponsor or take out a monthly sponsorship fee.

The main difficulty of sponsorship is finding a sponsor, needless to say.

Your mobile application must be good enough to be interesting to potential funders.

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Email marketing

Email marketing has been and continues to be a powerful money-making strategy.

You can take advantage of this method and ask the users of your mobile application to provide their emails. And send messages to them later.

Adding a Facebook login option to your free app is a great way to subtly collect user emails.

However, give users a chance to opt out of email notifications.

Because that will make your app more credible and people will know that they won’t get a lot of spam.

Subscriptions are the best ways to profit from applications for Android

Subscriptions can be a very useful strategy to monetize free mobile apps easily for earn money.

Quite simply, you have an application that you will offer for free with all the features, but for a limited time.

At the end of this period, users will be charged a fee for using the application.

Mostly, this method is used to profit from free mobile applications, in video and audio applications and news services.

In-app purchases

In-app purchases are made directly from within the free mobile apps and are usually a very simple process.

They are usually used to access special contents or features such as power-ups, restrictive levels, or additional features.

This method is the best way to profit from applications for Android, usually used by applications for games.

These apps allow users to make in-app purchases.

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