Profit from writing foreign articles 2023

Profit from writing foreign articles 2023, or in general, profit from writing content, is a type of profit from the Internet and independent work that is classified under the phrase (the easy one). Where can you find free writing sites? And where do you find remote work sites specialized in articles and writing?

Profit from writing foreign articles 2023

We will mention in the following lines the best sites for profit from writing articles:

The Writer Finder

One of the international sites for writing articles, and they have a large number of writers, and it is based on finding suitable job opportunities and sending them to writers.

The company is constantly looking for new writers to join its team, and registering with them is easy. You will answer some questions to clarify your skills and the fields in which you write.

The site will ask you to send previous published articles to you, in order to verify your skills and style before agreeing to include you in their team.

What distinguishes the site regarding Profit from writing foreign articles is the presence of a large number of applications and projects and includes all types of writing. Such as (artificial intelligence, travel, sales, cryptocurrency, diet, sleep, meditation, dogs) and many more.

After you join them, you will be added to their team on the Slack program, in order to follow up with them all work developments and developments.

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Profit from writing foreign articles 2023
Profit from writing foreign articles 2023

Constant Content

Constant Content is an agency for content writing and Profit from writing foreign articles in all its forms. Helps companies find writers to create web content from social media posts to blog articles and more.

The site contains a large number of writers and a database of more than 10,0000 professional writers who have created content for more than 50,000 companies.

You should focus on your business exhibition well, in order to increase your chances of obtaining business. Then, apply for projects that fit your writing major and the price you want.

Upon registration, you will undergo a quick 4-question grammar check after which the site will ask you to write a short essay (100-250 words), in order for your writing level to be assessed.

When writing, you must take into account the correct use of punctuation marks, pay attention to spelling errors, and write two paragraphs in order to achieve Profit from writing foreign articles.

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Writers Weekly

Writer’s Weekly is one of the websites specialized in writing foreign articles specifically. This website shares all kinds of jobs and opportunities for online writers and freelancers. The site features short writing contests, in which you can participate and learn from others. For the prices paid by the site for earn money, it is about:

  1. $40 for 400 words.
  2. $60 for 600 words.


IncomeDiary contains and is interested in making money from writing foreign articles, freelance work, and social media. Search engine optimization, content writing, web design, blogging, and profit from the Internet.

The site only accepts high-quality articles related to the topics listed on their website. To register with them you need to write an article and submit it to IncomeDiary.

What distinguishes IncomeDiary is that after you agree to write for them, your article will be published with your name as their author. This article will also be sent to all subscribers and followers on social media.

If your article is approved by their competent team, they will pay you about $200 per article. This is the best way to profit from writing foreign articles.

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