4 reasons for hair ripple after protein

Reasons for hair ripple after protein – You may be one of the women who resort to treating their hair using protein, which is one of the most important types of keratin that helps you get smoother, stronger and shinier hair as well. However, there are cases that have suffered from the appearance of some ripples in their hair after undergoing a protein treatment for hair; Which made them wonder why. Here is a detailed answer to your question: What is the cause of hair ripple after protein?

Reasons for ripple hair after protein

Ripple in hair after a protein treatment is often explained by excessive amounts of protein or keratin being applied to the hair. Which led to its accumulation on the hair, and this in turn affects the moisture balance in the hair to harm it instead of repairing and treating it.

That is, not maintaining proper hair hydration during the period of your use of the protein treatment. This may increase the load on your hair to accumulate and its effect to appear through ripple after being treated with protein, as it is necessary to maintain a balance between protein and water in order for the hair to remain healthy.

One of the reasons for hair ripple after protein is that you use more than one hair care product at the same time that may expose your hair to damage and waviness, such as using protein shampoos, hair masks, and protein treatments all together, as this will cause it to accumulate on the hair.

Other signs that you have too much protein in your hair

  • After we explained to you the Reasons for hair ripple after protein, which is the excessive use of protein on hair.
  • Now you may have a question about knowing the other signs that may appear on you, and it is caused by this excessive use of protein.
  • We can summarize the most important of these signs for you as follows: Changing the texture of the hair to become coarser and changing its shape.
  • dry hair
  • Hair becomes brittle, dull and, in many cases, hard as well, as a result of it not having enough moisture to stretch and support elasticity.
  • The ends of the hair break, which causes hair loss and loss over time.
  • There are more strands of hair on your comb or hairbrush than usual.
  • Facing some difficulty when styling hair due to its general condition, which it was exposed to as a result of excessive use of hair protein.
  • Lack of elasticity and breakage of hair strands easily. become curly.

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Reasons for hair ripple after protein
Reasons for hair ripple after protein

Is there a solution to fix hair wavy after protein?

Yes, Reasons for hair ripple after protein can be reduced by restoring excess protein and repairing the damage that resulted from it, just by following some simple steps – Reasons for hair ripple after protein:

  1. Cleanse your hair by using a clarifying shampoo designed to break down and lift proteins like keratin that have stuck to your hair.
  2. Or by using some essential oils that are suitable for the nature of your hair, such as peppermint, lavender, and sage.
  3. Moisturizing the hair After you clean it, your hair needs the necessary hydration in order to maintain its freshness and healthy shine.
  4. This is done by using one of the types of conditioners that are left on the hair to moisturize and protect it throughout the day.
  5. Cut the split ends After cleaning and moisturizing the hair, excess protein will begin to appear on the hair in the form of signs that show the hair is damaged and brittle.
  6. So you have to cut these ends, eventually your roots will replace unhealthy hair to grow back thicker and stronger.
  7. Taking a break from your hairdressing routine You should take a break from hairstyling to reduce the Reasons for hair ripple after protein.
  8. While the hair that suffers from excess protein grows, to avoid the exposure of your new hair roots to the same damage again.

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