10 reasons why your child is hyperactive

Reasons why your child is hyperactive avoid it? We often hear this complaint on the lips of many mothers, because of their feeling of helplessness, and their inability to control the excessive activity of their children, yet the movement and interaction of children is healthy and important for their psychological and development.

Lots of children’s activity

There may be some exaggerations by mothers regarding the extent of their children’s activity, but there are some children who are really more active than normal, and mothers may think that they may suffer from a common behavioral disorder, which is “hyperactivity”.

However, this disorder has other signs than just hyperactivity. So, in order not to worry about your child, learn through this article about the causes of hyperactivity in children, and how to differentiate it from hyperactivity.

10 reasons why your child is hyperactive

In the following lines we talk about the Reasons why your child is hyperactive:

Artificial colours:

In a recent scientific study in the United Kingdom, its researchers found that there is a relationship between artificial colors used in canned food and drinks and increased activity in child’s. Therefore, reducing the child’s consumption of foods that contain artificial colors may help reduce his hyperactivity.


Reasons why your child is hyperactive. Preservatives are found in many canned foods, sweets, and prepared foods. Although medical studies have not confirmed a direct relationship between preservatives and hyperactivity, it has been observed that reducing the amount of foods they contain leads to a reduction in hyperactivity.

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Reasons why your child is hyperactive
Reasons why your child is hyperactive


Reasons why your child is hyperactive. Sugar may not be a direct cause of hyperactivity, but in general, the child’s consumption of large amounts of sugar provides him with many calories, so he feels an excessive energy that makes him move continuously.

Excessive fatigue

Reasons why your child is hyperactive. Whether due to lack of sleep or irregular sleep, an exhausted child may show aggressive behavior and tantrums towards others, and show signs of hyperactivity.

Watching too much TV

Reasons why your child is hyperactive. Television seems to be accused of many health problems, as it is associated with increased rates of violence among adolescents, obesity among children, and increased chances of autism. Research studies also indicated that there is a relationship between hyperactivity and watching television, which hinders children’s involvement in natural activities to unload their energies. such as playing and exercising, so specialists advise to reduce the hours of watching it for hyperactive children.


Reasons why your child is hyperactive. The thyroid hormone works to regulate the metabolic processes in the body, and if the hormone secretion increases than normal, the burning rate increases, which causes higher levels of energy, and this problem is usually accompanied by the thinness of children, and in general, thyroid dysfunction may be dangerous for children Hyperactivity is only one of its symptoms.

Lead poisoning

Reasons why your child is hyperactive. Many scientific studies have been conducted to examine the effect of lead on the brain for a long time, and it was found that lead poisoning as a result of exposure to pollution causes serious problems for children, including learning difficulties, low levels of intelligence, aggressive behavior, and hyperactivity.


Reasons why your child is hyperactive. Caffeine has stimulating and stimulating properties, and it is likely that children consuming large amounts of it may lead to their hyperactivity, so if your children consume amounts of caffeine found in cola and coffee, this may be a reason for their hyperactivity.

Food allergy

Reasons why your child is hyperactive. Medical studies found that some foods that cause allergies lead to hyperactivity, such as eggs, milk, and soybeans, but not all children with allergies show hyperactivity behavior, and if food sensitivity is behind the hyperactivity, then the increased activity is usually a temporary symptom that goes away with the cessation of sensitivity.

Pressure nervous

Reasons why your child is hyperactive. When children are exposed to situations in which they face great and sudden nervous pressure, they may show a greater tendency to move and be active, which is a common reaction among children to resist pressure, as they cannot deal with it, and everything that goes through their minds is to get rid of it, so if you notice this on your child, the solution may be to remove Sources of pressure on him, such as family problems, for example.

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