5 steps to self-realization

5 steps to self-realization. The path towards self-actualization makes our hearts beat and wakes us up every morning. It is our real reason for being. But it takes a long and sometimes difficult path before the final goal is reached. Here are a number of basic steps on the path to self-realization.

5 steps to self-realization

In the following lines, we will mention how to achieve self-realization, step by step:

Make peace with yourself

What do you like to do? And what are you good at doing? To answer these fundamental questions, you must put yourself in the right circumstances. Take the time to think and look at the world around you with a new perspective and accept calm, and sometimes boredom. To reconnect with the simplest pleasurable experiences, sensual feelings, underlying emotions and childhood desires.

You must be brave enough to be lazy! As soon as you get the chance, move away from your regular, meticulous lifestyle and switch to a non-productive one. Act like everyone else on vacation. Meaning not to feel any psychological pressure and not to commit to any duties, but just listen to yourself. Roam the streets and try to get distracted by new scents. It is a refreshing experience par excellence!

On the other hand, schedule appointments with your self to be limited to 10 minutes in order to evaluate the course of your day. Over time, you should turn this habit into a tool for practicing meditation.

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Steps to self-realization

You should let go of the ideas that are inherited and ingrained in you from childhood or adolescence because they prevent you from living your way. Your self-image can relate to shame, failure, or life’s complexities. The real difficulty lies in spotting the underlying problem.

Isolate yourself, focus on your breathing, and improvisely write down negative thoughts based on predetermined themes: health, family, love, and work. Then memorize the three thoughts that weigh down your life. When are those thoughts wrong and what are the right thoughts? For each thought, write a positive statement that is close to your truth.

For example, you will conclude that your shyness is not a defect, but that you are simply comfortable with the people close to you. This approach should be based on gentle self-dealing. At the same time. Even if your life isn’t perfect, you should express your gratitude for the happy moments you live. In short, accept yourself completely and acknowledge your dark side as well.


Awaken your curiosity from Steps to self-realization

Do you think that you are not talented or lack passion in your life? You must know that talent and passion are in you. Start by identifying what interests and motivates you and motivates you, and explore that area, but without putting pressure on yourself.

You could investigate the topic: What are the common points between books, films, documentaries, exhibitions you like and discussions you like to have? Take advantage of the simplest detail that catches your eye and go deeper in your research. You quickly get closer to areas that interest you.

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Take off your fake masks from Steps to self-realization

In order to impress others, you may assume different characters depending on the circumstances and the nature of the people around you, following a path that you think is appropriate for you and hiding behind illusory ideals. You quickly get lost between your marital, family and professional duties.

In this way, you fulfill your inner commands and the demands placed on you by others. In short, you are imprisoned in the image you want people to see you in!

It’s time to let go of flawed ambitions and false personalities. For example, you may turn to a profession to please your parents. But you soon discover that you love a whole different field and may prefer meeting friends over family gatherings. What prevents you from expressing your true desires in a decent manner?

To practice this kind of Steps to self-realization situation, try to let go of little lies for 24 hours. This idea is to express your true feelings, underlying needs, and factors that make you sad. If you are afraid to disturb those around you. Know that your frankness will pay off when you use a respectful approach that takes into account the sensitivity of the other party.

Rely on your jealousy and anger

You must turn on two outwardly negative feelings in order to reach your deepest desires. These two feelings ensure that the truth about the person is revealed. do you feel jealous?. You should abandon sterile comparisons that make you belittle yourself or treat others with superiority. This form of rejection is a way for the brain to prevent its own shortcomings.

So start by asking: What is the other person doing that you don’t allow yourself to do? Have you made any progress in this area? The answers you get will be an indication of what you really want and your level of desire to achieve those goals.

As for the feeling of anger, get rid of it according to Steps to self-realization, it indicates inner discontent because what bothers you and provokes your anger allows you to discover the issues that you hide in your heart and burden your life. In these circumstances, experts recommend writing down 50 nervous moments in a detailed and out of order. List the silliest and most powerful moments, discover the event that made you react the most and the values ​​behind such behaviour.

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