5 benefits of drinking sparkling vitamin C before bed

Benefits of drinking sparkling vitamin C before bed Have you ever thought about the benefits of drinking sparkling vitamin C before bed? Given the many different benefits offered by effervescent vitamin C, such as: boosting the immune system, and helping to relieve cold attacks, in addition to the many existing studies looking at a role in disease prevention, follow the article to learn more about its benefits before bed.

Benefits of drinking sparkling vitamin C before bed

The benefits of effervescent vitamin C before bed stem from the vitamin C compound it contains. The benefit is similar and common to all existing forms of vitamin C.

Vitamin C plays an important role in enhancing the quality and quality of sleep. According to one of the studies, the effect of the compound “Ascorbic acid”, which is the same one found in effervescent vitamin C, was analyzed on the main components of sleep, such as the length of sleep and sleep quality, with a focus on sleep problems that may be experienced. Including some mothers, such as: sleep apnea, and insomnia.

The study focused on the role of vitamin C in preventing inflammatory diseases that lead to sleep problems, which we mentioned earlier. The study came up with several results that show the benefits of drinking sparkling vitamin C before bed or a vitamin C compound in general. Here are the results of Benefits of drinking sparkling vitamin C before bed as follows:

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sparkling vitamin C before bed
sparkling vitamin C before bed

Increase the duration of sleep during the day:

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders among the elderly, due to the changes that occur in their lives in addition to physiological changes. It was noted that low concentrations of vitamin C in the blood led to waking up frequently at night, and the inability to go back to sleep.

Eliminate movement problems during sleep:

Restless leg syndrome is one of the movement disorders that affects 20% of adults and men, which makes deep sleep more difficult, and it was noted in the study that the use of vitamin C reduced exposure to this syndrome because it also has the ability to increase the absorption of iron in the body, whose deficiency also leads to this syndrome and contributes to Intensified.

Reducing the risk of sleep apnea:

It was also proven in the study that vitamin C relieves sleep apnea by enhancing the functioning of blood vessels in the body.

Reducing the disturbances that occur during sleep and awaken the person:

By improving sleep quality and reducing the health problems we mentioned.

Benefits of drinking sparkling vitamin C before bed

There are other benefits of getting vitamin C before bed that you can get, including: Reducing stress before bed:

  1. As a study was conducted in which students’ stress levels were measured, and vitamin C supplements were used to determine its effect on anxiety levels so that their concentration levels improved and stress was reduced, so you can get a good night’s sleep without thinking too much and worrying before bed.
  2. Reducing snoring: Snoring goes beyond being annoying because it may lead to dry and sore throat every morning, with the feeling that your nose is blocked in the morning. Getting vitamin C before bed may help you reduce this problem.

Dear reader, now that you know the Benefits of drinking sparkling vitamin C before bed, you can use it to get a better and more comfortable sleep, but before all this, see your doctor to assess your health and if you can get it before bed.

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