7 steps to modify children’s behavior

Steps to modify children’s behavior. Behavior modification for children is the correct way that you can resort to to change unacceptable and abnormal behaviors in your child. And replace them with correct, positive, acceptable behaviors. When do you need this and what are the steps? This is what we answer you about and help you to do in the psychological center at the hands of doctors and specialists in psychological and behavioral therapists, and therefore a brief overview of this topic, so be with us until the end.

What do we mean by the term behavior modification for children?

It is the strategies of steps to modify behavior for children that parents or the behavioral specialist in the psychological center try to use with the child to modify abnormal and unwanted behaviors, and to establish good behaviors with encouragement and many methods.

It is an effective way to modify the behavioral problems of the child, as evidenced by experiments and studies, although parents believe that it is useless to see it at the beginning, but the results are really amazing.

7 steps to modify children’s behavior

In the following lines, we explain the steps to modify children’s behavior:

Teach proper time management

steps to modify children’s behavior. On your way to modifying the behavior of autistic children, you will have to teach him how to manage his time and benefit from it positively, as an autistic child cannot recognize and understand what time is, nor how he commits himself to completing a specific activity at a specific time.

Therefore, you can allocate a specific time for playing before each work or activity that you want the child to complete, and then indicate to him that it is finished after that, and the hourglass is a very good way to control the anger that he may have after the end of play time.

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steps to modify children's behavior
steps to modify children’s behavior

Reward for good behaviour

steps to modify children’s behavior. In order to be able to modify the behavior of children, you must give rewards, as it is one of the things that is understandable to the child with autism and motivates them to complete many activities in the correct manner and at the specified time, such as offering a promise of more playing time when completing the desired activity, or thanking him for completing the work in the required time.

Allowing the right to choose

steps to modify children’s behavior. Presenting simple choices to a child with autism is important as they feel in control of things and boost their self-confidence with enough strength to manage things.

However, it is taken into account that the options are very simple and specific to make it easier for him to choose, such as asking about the type of juice he desires directly and in a visual language, so you say: What do you want to drink orange juice or mango juice? With reference to each of them, especially when an autistic child suffers from language problems.

Modifying bad behavior

steps to modify children’s behavior. Modifying the rejected behavior of an autistic child does not mean merely ordering it or asking to stop it. Rather, you have to explain what you want yourself to walk in the right way, for example with your request to imitate the child. The visual image in behavior modification has a stronger impact.

Keep the autistic child away from the crowd

steps to modify children’s behavior. The autistic child is exposed to anxiety from crowds, as it leads to his feeling of stress from loud sounds and noise. Therefore, it is important to stay away from him as soon as he feels this, and it is advised to take a beloved toy from home while going out to reassure him.

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