How do I teach a child correct behavior 2023

How do I teach a child correct behavior. Now your little one has grown up and reached the age of three, which is almost the beginning of the nursery age, and at this age his tantrums will increase, and he will feel more independent and want to impose his opinion.

In addition to curiosity and love of exploration, which may result in some problems if he does not learn the correct behaviors that he can absorb at this age. Learn with us in this article how to teach children the correct behaviors from the age of three, in addition to some social skills.

How do I teach a child correct behavior

In the following lines, we will mention in detail How do I teach a child correct behavior:

Be a role model for your child

Always remember that you are a role model for your child, as you and his father will be the first to imitate them, and his ideas about the world, human behavior and various actions will be formed through you. So always try to be calm, and control your behavior in front of him, because he will imitate everything you will do, and if he sees everything that is good from you, he will learn it easily without effort.

Minimize his criticism

teach a child correct behavior. Most parents make a big mistake, which is trapping the child, and criticizing him permanently, even for small mistakes. You have to identify the problem or error that your child has fallen into, and ask yourself: Is it really worth it or can it be ignored? A child may deliberately make mistakes in order to get your attention, even if it is negative attention.

Praise his good behavior

teach a child correct behavior. Always reinforce the good behavior of your child, and praise him constantly for every small and good act he does, as this will motivate him to continue to do so, to obtain more praise and encouragement.

Don’t change your reaction

teach a child correct behavior. Your reaction to your child’s actions must be consistent every time. It is wrong to laugh at a wrong behavior that the child did. And another time you punish him for it, the child here will be confused, and mix wrong with right, so try to have your reactions consistent and uniform according to each situation.

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teach a child correct behavior
teach a child correct behavior

Create a safe environment for him

teach a child correct behavior. It makes no sense to punish a three-year-old for breaking glassware or your glasses. The first thing is to remove all things that might break by mistake or that might arouse your child’s curiosity and destroy them unintentionally. Try to secure the places where your child sits, and close the doors of your room, kitchen, etc.

Pick your phrases

Try to choose positive words and phrases when talking to your child. For example, you can say to him: “Honey, would you close the door?” instead of “don’t leave the door open”. Phrases that contain the imperative form may push the child to stubbornness and do the opposite.

Give him small tasks

teach a child correct behavior. Always try to enhance the child’s sense of responsibility by assigning him some simple tasks that he can do. Such as organizing the table, arranging his room, or putting his toys in their place, these tasks make him feel responsible, and reinforce the value of his self-reliance, and do not forget to praise your child after he is done.

How to teach children social skills from the age of three

  • Enhancing the value of sharing A child at this age should learn the importance of sharing some of his things with others.
  • You may find this difficult at first because of the child’s love for his own purposes and his attachment to them, and his feeling of possessiveness at this age.
  • But you can teach him this by engaging him with you in various activities inside the house, motivating him to play with other children, and talking to him about the values and importance of participation.
  • And how it is one of the positive behaviors that we should all have.
  • teach a child correct behaviour. Urging him to cooperate One of the social skills that must be instilled in a child from a young age is cooperation. Talk about its value with him.
  • And you can apply this practically at home, by involving him in preparing his meals or preparing the table and other matters according to his age.
  • Teaching him to respect the rules Respecting the rules of the society in which he lives is a value that must be instilled in your child.
  • While reinforcing the importance of his self-esteem, independence of personality and balancing things with his mind at the same time.
  • Enhancing the value of listening In order for your child to learn this, he must see it through your actions and listening to him first.
  • You can reinforce this skill by telling him a story and asking him what he remembers from it, in addition to alerting the child not to interrupt others while they are speaking and to wait for them to finish.

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