The conviction of your child 2023

The Conviction of Your Child. We are all keen to raise our children in the best way, and teach them the right behaviors and virtues such as conviction, contentment, cooperation with others and altruism, and perhaps on the way we also learn a lot about these concepts, so what is the best way to instill satisfaction and conviction in the hearts of our children? This is partially dependent on their age.

Raising children correctly

If you have a pre -school child, focus on teaching him to be grateful for what he has, and when he grows up, help him to understand that the true meaning of conviction is that it is confidence in that God will meet our needs in the most appropriate time for us, and remember that your child’s feeling of happiness does not mean Give him everything he wants.

Rather, his happiness is completed while meeting his needs in the correct educational methods, which add positive characteristics to his personality, and teach him how to appreciate himself, and to others.

The Conviction of Your Child

In the following lines, we explain in detail the Conviction of your Child:

It starts from you, you are the role model

The Conviction of Your Child. Children do what they see and not what is said to them, if your child’s sees that you are satisfied with what you have and express your conviction sincerely with what you have, it is likely that he is also so, let your child see you and you express your feelings of contentment and conviction, it is a strong example of teaching your child the conviction, and when you exercise With periods of feelings of discontent, know that these feelings will pass, and that you have a lot to feel the conviction and satisfaction of your life.

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The conviction of your child
The conviction of your child

Perception of gratitude

The Conviction of Your Child. Glory is the first way to get rid of discontent, ask your child to put a list of things he wanted one day and then achieved, and let him every day add something new to him to that list.

Teach your child to appreciate the beauty around him the tweets in the trees, the flowers that germinate in the backyard of the house, the game you own from a short period.

And the space in which he visited a loved place for him, will encourage him to focus on what is positive, instead of his preoccupation with thinking about the things he has not yet possessed.

He will learn more attention to the things in his possession, make sure that gratitude has an effective role in developing your child’s conviction.

You can teach your child to gratitude, through the good times you spend together, for example.

Ask from every family from the family, to mention the thing that makes him feel grateful, while you are together at the dinner table.

Make sure to help others

The Conviction of Your Child. In general, families who help others begin to realize how little others possess.

The amount of what they must be provided can be financial assistance, such as donating a charity.

Giving time and energy also has a major impact, and is one of the most beautiful ways to help the other.

Looking for ways in which your child can interact directly with the people who help them, while your child shares his talents, effort and time, he will also learn to estimate what he has, and what he can offer.

Not to encourage comparisons

The Conviction of Your Child. The truth is that we will always meet people who live in larger homes or wear more beautiful or more talented clothes or smarter than us, if you see your child compare himself to his peers.

He feels dissatisfied because they are more intelligent than him or because they have what he does not have, as it is time to intervene, talk to him calmly and patience about the risks of comparing our lives with others.

At the same time, encourage him to be happy with his peers when he sees them enjoying their achievements or property.

And quietly explain to him that God gives us all what we want and what we need when we need it, and that we all have our talents and strength.

Reducing material activities

The Conviction of Your Child. It is not good to put your child in the shopping cart and wandering him in commercial centers without a specific goal, perhaps while wandering in the store.

Your child sees a lot of games that cannot be previously known, and may feel discontent, and will want to acquire these things.

Regardless of his need for her, so instead of taking your child to material activities, try to direct him towards an invisible activity.

Like walking together, exercising together, or traveling on an interesting journey and discovering new places together.

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