5 things that stop hair loss

Things that stop hair loss – You must be one of the women who seek to get strong hair, but there are many causes that you face and affect it, and it is important before starting ways to maintain hair health to identify the causes of hair loss, as some of them may disappear on their own The same, such as: hair loss after pregnancy, while other causes require treatment, and after you determine the cause and deal with it properly, you can resort to things that stop hair loss, get to know them now.

Things that stop hair loss

Now, madam, we will give you things that help stop hair loss:

Stop hair loss with food

It is possible to promote hair health and stop its loss with food, as follows:

  1. Follow the Mediterranean diet: The Mediterranean diet relies on raw vegetables and fresh herbs, such as: parsley, basil, and vegetable salad, and it has been found that following it helps stop hair loss.
  2. Eat more protein sources: Hair follicles are made up of a protein known as keratin, and people who do not eat enough of it are prone to hair loss.
  3. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on healthy foods rich in protein, such as: eggs, fish, nuts, beans, peas, low-fat dairy products, chicken, and turkey.
  4. Focus on sources of vitamin A: Vitamin A is characterized by its role in increasing the rate of hair growth.
  5. Which makes it one of the things that stop hair loss, and it can be obtained from the following foods: sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, and spinach.

Stop hair loss with supplements

Things that stop hair loss can also be controlled through nutritional supplements, get to know some of them now:

  • Vitamin D supplements: Deficiency in vitamin D levels is associated with significant hair loss, so taking vitamin D supplements is one way to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Biotin supplements: Your hair loss may be due to a deficiency in biotin levels, so taking biotin supplements is one of the things that stop hair loss.
  • Ginseng supplements: Ginseng contains compounds that help promote hair growth, and this was confirmed by a study published in 2004.

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Things that stop hair loss
Things that stop hair loss

Stop hair loss with medical treatment

The list of things that stop hair loss is not finished yet, as there are things within the medical treatments, which we will present to you now:

  • Laser therapy: The laser stimulates stem cells in the hair follicle, which promotes hair growth and stops hair loss.
  • Plasma therapy: Platelet-rich plasma injection helps stimulate hair growth, and is done by taking a blood sample from the person, then separating the platelets through a central separation device, and then injecting them into the scalp.
  • Medication treatment: In some cases, the doctor may prescribe medications to stop hair loss, such as minoxidil, finasteride, and phenylephrine.

Tips to stop hair loss

In addition to all of the above things that stop hair loss, the following tips help promote healthy hair and stop hair loss:

  1. Applying essential oils to the scalp: oils help promote hair health, such as: lavender oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.
  2. Washing hair regularly: it helps keep the scalp healthy and clean, which ensures that hair is healthy and stops hair loss.
  3. Stop products harmful to hair: There are many products that may harm hair health, causing hair loss, such as: hair dyes, hair curling and straightening materials.
  4. Scalp massage: It is recommended to massage the scalp daily, as this helps to enhance blood flow to the scalp and thus improve hair health.

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