3 tips for dealing with children

Tips for dealing with children. Every mother wishes to become an ideal mother and a good role model for her children, and at the same time be their closest friend. But many mothers do not know how to approach their children and gain their trust. While preserving the boundaries that govern a mother’s friendship with her children. In this article, we provide you with 3 tips for balancing the difficult equation between your role as a mother and building a good friendship with your child.

3 tips for dealing with children

In the following lines we explain the most important tips for dealing with children:

Be a mother first

Tips for dealing with children. You might be surprised to find that this is the number one tip for building a bond with your baby. But in fact, many mothers get too close to their children and take the role of a listening friend.

Which sometimes obscures the role of the mother, which is represented in guidance, provision of advice and necessary support for the child, and setting the necessary controls. It’s great to be a close friend to your child, but always remember that your first role is mother before friend.

Accept your child as he is

tips for dealing with children. Stop comparing your child to other children even in your imagination, accept him as he is and gain his trust by supporting, encouraging and allocating special time for him every day.

Do not criticize his characteristics or behaviors that you do not like, but be patient and learn about his personality and the appropriate ways to correct your child’s behavior, and always talk about him with love and pride in front of everyone.

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Tips for dealing with children
Tips for dealing with children

Express your love to your child

tips for dealing with children. Many mothers neglect to express their love to their child’s, perhaps because of the daily stress and constant preoccupation. Make sure to express your love to your child in different ways.

And give him a big welcome when he comes home, no matter how busy you are. Share his interests and go out with him on fun walks. And make sure you give him a tender kiss and a warm cuddle every night before bed, and tell him that you love him very much.

The importance of a friendship between a mother and her child

After talking about tips for dealing with children, we will mention in the following lines the importance of a friendship between a mother and her child:

  1. Enhancing the child’s self-confidence, when he feels his mother’s interest and not ignoring his desires and opinions, he grows up a responsible child who is aware of his self-worth.
  2. Increasing the child’s acceptance of the advice of correcting behavior from the mother, and following the rules better. Containing the child and avoiding the danger of someone outside the family affecting the child in a way that harms him.
  3. tips for dealing with children. When the child shares the details of his day with his mother, he will receive the necessary guidance from her to behave correctly and not be attracted to and influenced by strangers.
  4. The mother’s awareness of the child’s needs and feelings, and thus providing advice and support to help him overcome the difficult stages.

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