6 tips to protect hair from the sun

Tips to protect hair from the sun If you love summer, of course you have many reasons, from going to the beaches, having the kids off from school, to take a break from some of your responsibilities for a bit. But your hair may have a different opinion on this matter, as it suffers from dryness due to exposure to the sun, ultraviolet rays, and sea water, and it may not be easy to treat it like your skin that you protect with sunscreen, so in this article we offer you some tips to protect hair from the sun and the sea.

6 tips to protect hair from the sun

There are some simple things that may help you protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun, and the effect of sea water. Here are some tips to protect hair from the sun:

  1. Drink a lot of water: Exposure to intense sun heat, sweating, and sea water, all of these things absorb moisture from your body, expose you to dehydration, and make your hair brittle, weak, and brittle. So drink a lot of water or fluids, such as natural juices, to compensate for the lack of hydration, and to keep your hair from damage.
  2. Apply a leave-in conditioner: The leave-in conditioner is characterized by intensely moisturizing hair, and covering it with a long-lasting barrier layer, which protects it from drying out.
  3. Use a suitable shampoo: the natural oils secreted by the hair help keep it from drying out, so some beauty and hair care professionals advise to reduce the times of shampooing if you will be exposed to the sun constantly, and this advice may not suit you if your hair is oily, or if you sweat a lot It changes the smell of your hair. Hair experts also recommend using a shampoo rich in moisturizing substances, such as shampoos for dry hair or to protect hair from the sun and sea water, and some advise using dry shampoo instead of regular as well.
  4. From Tips to protect hair from the sun Wash your hair with plain water before the sea: Although the advice seems unconventional, washing your hair with water before the sea descends, may protect it from its harmful effect.
  5. Wear a hat: The best advice ever is to protect your hair from the sun, cover it with an insulating layer like a hat, you can choose any hat that suits you, the important thing is that you cover your hair, and enjoy its benefits to protect the skin of your face as well.
  6. Wear a waterproof hair cap: A waterproof hair cap (bonnet) may help you a lot if you don’t want to expose your hair to sea water.

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Tips to protect hair from the sun
Tips to protect hair from the sun

Summer hair care routine

Hair care in the summer may require more effort from you than during other seasons, due to the extreme dryness that the hair is exposed to from heat, humidity, and the effect of the sun, sea water or swimming pool. Here are some tips to protect hair from the sun that may help you take care of it:

  • Start the summer with a new haircut: cutting hair gets rid of damaged and split ends, and makes you more refreshing and energetic. Don’t worry too much, hair grows longer in summer at a greater rate than in winter.
  • Isolate your hair from the sun: You can use a hat, as mentioned above, or with some creams and sprays designed to protect hair from the sun and the resulting ultraviolet rays.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner: Keeping your hair moisturized in the summer is very important, especially since you may be washing it more often to get rid of the sweat, so make sure you use highly moisturizing hair care products.
  • Avoid using a hair iron as much as possible: If you are used to using a hair iron, we recommend that you reduce its use during the summer to one or two times at most, as it causes your hair to dry out severely.

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