Top 6 diuretic drinks

Top 6 diuretic drinks – Natural diuretics are substances that increase the ability to empty the amount of urine that the body produces daily while at the same time getting rid of the accumulated water that causes a feeling of bloating in addition to a number of health symptoms such as swelling of the legs, ankles, hands and feet. There are different factors that can cause water retention in the body, such as hormonal changes, the approaching period, or lack of any activities for long periods. In this article, learn about the most important diuretic drinks and herbs that help alleviate this problem.

Top 6 diuretic drinks

If you suffer from a chronic problem of water retention in the body, you should consult a doctor and follow his instructions. But if you suffer from it occasionally and at intervals, you can rely on the Top 6 diuretic drinks group, the most important of which are:

Coffee for diuresis

Coffee is one of the top 6 diuretic drinks due to its caffeine content, and drinking a cup or two of coffee daily may be a natural diuretic. Helps you get rid of water retained in the body in the short term.

High doses of caffeine ranging from 250-300 milligrams (equivalent to two to three cups of coffee) have been shown to have a diuretic effect. However, if you decide to rely on coffee as a natural diuretic, you should use it in moderation so that you do not suffer from its other side effects.

Caraway for diuresis

Caraway, or Persian cumin, is used as a main spice for baked foods such as bread, cakes, and desserts, due to its pleasant aroma and distinctive taste. However, eating it Top 6 diuretic drinks helps manage urine and treat digestive disorders, headaches and morning sickness, as one study on mice found that giving caraway extract in liquid form significantly increases urine production over a 24-hour period.

Parsley juice for diuresis

Parsley has long been used as an effective diuretic in folk medicine. It was brewed as a tea and taken several times a day. Despite this, there are not many studies conducted on humans to prove this, although studies on mice showed that parsley juice has the ability to increase urine flow.

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Top 6 diuretic drinks
Top 6 diuretic drinks

Green or black tea for diuresis

The caffeine content of green and black tea has been shown to have a mild diuretic effect, but it is likely to only occur in people who do not drink tea regularly. The more black or green tea is consumed periodically, the effect of diuresis will disappear, and thus it is an example of diuretic drinks for people who are not used to it.

Nigella sativa for diuresis

Top 6 diuretic drinks Many studies have proven the effectiveness of consuming black seed drink extract in diuresis and getting rid of water retained in the body, and this effect doubles with people who suffer from high blood pressure.

Hibiscus for diuresis

Hibiscus is known for its delicious taste and bright color, and its flowers are usually used to make cold juices or by boiling it with water to make “pink tea” or “sour tea”, which has been proven to be one of the effective diuretic drinks.

When do you need diuretic herbs?

You should make sure that you have a urinary retention problem before consuming diuretic herbs or drinks. Here are the most important symptoms of urinary retention to make sure you need to take Top 6 diuretic drinks:

  1. Difficulty urinating.
  2. Intermittent urine output.
  3. Difficulty emptying the bladder completely.
  4. drip urine
  5. Loss of small amounts of urine during the day.
  6. Feeling of heaviness when the bladder is full.
  7. Feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen.
  8. Make an effort to push the urine out of the bladder.
  9. Feeling pain when the bladder is full.
  10. Swelling of the feet and extremities.
  11. Frequent urination throughout the day.
  12. Nocturia (getting up more than once at night to urinate).

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