Types of coffee drinks 2023

Types of coffee drinks. Each country or region has its own form of coffee drink, so the forms of coffee drinks vary in the world, from hot to iced coffee drinks, including espresso and café latte.

Types of coffee drinks

We will explain in the following paragraphs the types of coffee drinks in all countries:

Espresso is the most popular type of coffee drink

Espresso coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee drinks, and it is distinguished from other types by containing a concentrated percentage of caffeine. So it always has a distinct taste. The method of preparing espresso coffee is also easy and quick, as all you will need is:

  1. Soft crushed coffee.
  2. Hot water.
  3. sugar to taste.

Hot water is placed over the ground coffee with stirring, either manually or through the machine designated for it, and you will get espresso coffee with a delicious dense foam.

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Types of coffee drinks
Types of coffee drinks

Ristretto coffee is the most concentrated type of coffee drink

The second famous types of coffee drinks is ristretto coffee, which is very similar to espresso coffee. Prepare by using the same ingredients with a slight difference. Ristretto coffee needs the same amount of ground coffee, but with half the amount of boiling water used to make espresso, and they are put together and stirred. This type of coffee is famous for some advantages, the most important of which are:

  • his great focus.
  • Its most intense foam.

It is one of the coffee drinks that are served hot, and it is advised not to drink more than two small cups a day, due to the high caffeine content.

Café latte coffee

It is the most famous type in France and a number of English-speaking countries, and it is known in cafes as Café latte. As for its composition, it is a mixture of:

  1. black coffee.
  2. hot milk.

This type of coffee is very popular in various cafes and cafes, and others call it espresso with milk, and the amount of milk used varies according to desire.

Cappuccino is the most foamy coffee drink

The cappuccino coffee drink is gaining popularity and great preference due to the huge amount of foam in it, which is sometimes difficult to make manually at home, and it is a mixture of:

  1. espresso.
  2. evaporated milk
  3. sugar to taste.

The ingredients are put together and you can make it manually as well as through a coffee machine, with which you will get the most foamy Types of coffee drinks.

Flat white coffee

It is one of the famous types of coffee drinks in Austria, in which an espresso drink is mixed with condensed milk foam, and the texture of this type is smooth with a large amount of coffee. The difference between flat white coffee and latte or cappuccino:

  1. Flat white coffee has more coffee with less milk.
  2. Flat white coffee does not have a layer of foam like other types.

Espresso macchiato coffee

The espresso macchiato is the same as the espresso coffee but with less milk. It can be prepared in the same way as the espresso coffee, but with a little milk on top. Therefore, many people prefer espresso macchiato over other types of coffee drinks because:

  1. It retains the bitterness and intensity of espresso.
  2. Having less coffee flavor due to the milk.

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