6 video games play with your child

6 video games play with your child. Children’s interests and hobbies are now completely different than before, and children play with things that we did not play with, that did not even exist when we were young.

With the development of technology, electronic games have become the favorite of young children, and most mothers suffer when their children ask them to play with them, especially if they are a little older and do not like traditional games such as puzzles, cubes, and puppets. They prefer the Playstation or video games. So, get to know us, dear, about video games for children that are suitable for mother and child games together, so that you can easily participate in playing with them and spend quality time with them.

6 video games play with your child

In the following lines, we explain in detail video games play with your child:

Super Mario Journey – Super Mario Odyssey

video games play with your child. Super Mario” is one of the games that appeared in the early nineties, so you may have already tried the first versions of it, and now there are many versions of it, and we chose “Super Mario Journey” for you.

It is a three-dimensional game suitable for children from the age of three, and it is characterized by its dazzling colors, and the ability to operate the help mode in order to make it easier for the young child to play. And you can join your child to play and choose the character Cappy, which is a fictional character for Mario’s hat, it is a wonderful experience for adults and children.

Mario Kart 8- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

video games play with your child. Children love racing games at any age, and the game “Mario Kart” is one of the interesting and easy games that you can play with more than one child, which encourages the spirit of competition among children, and it is suitable for children over three years old.

The LEGO games

video games play with your child. Whatever your child’s favorite character, whether Harry Potter, Superman, Batman, or others, you will find it in Lego versions. You can participate with your child in the game of heroes and adventures according to the style you prefer, such as Planetary Wars, “Jurassic Park”, and the Incredibles, to move with your child in a wonderful fantasy world, and spend unforgettable times together.

Overcooked game

video games play with your child’s. A game that develops team spirit and cooperation in children, the game needs four players to form a team of chefs, to prepare, cook and serve various dishes of food to customers and collect points at each stage.

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video games play with your child
video games play with your child


video games play with your child. If your child is a fan of football, then FIFA is one of the games that adults and children love. So your husband can join your children in an interesting football match, and you can enjoy some time for yourself, or join them in playing and cheering for a family match.

Dance Games- Just Dance Kids 2

video games play with your child. It’s time for some rhythm and dance moves, some kids don’t like the previous games because of sitting too long in front of the screen in one position. There are now many games that encourage the child to move and dance childlike fun.

Where the child simulates the dance movements on the screen, and the more he masters the movements, the more points he collects and moves to more difficult levels. Of course, you can have some fun and share some dances with the little ones, and enjoy times that you will definitely laugh when you remember them later.

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