Washing hair before dyeing 2023

Washing hair before dyeing – If you decide to dye your hair, it is likely that a group of questions will arise in your mind about the steps to prepare for dyeing hair, including should hair be washed before dyeing? And the most suitable type of shampoo for washing hair, so Super Mama decided to provide you with answers to previous questions in the following article.

Washing hair before dyeing

Most hair dyes are designed to work best on freshly unwashed hair. Not washing hair before dyeing helps build up oils on the scalp and hair. This helps protect hair from irritation and breakage caused by chemicals in hair dye.

But this does not mean that you go to dye your very dirty hair, which you have not washed for many days, as not washing the hair for a long time causes the accumulation of oils, dirt and sweat in a large way, and since sweat contains ammonia, oxidation reactions can occur, and you get a color different from Expected.

Therefore, dear, be careful not to wash your hair before dying, but wash it 1-2 days before with a mild shampoo, so that the oil spreads from the scalp along the hair, and forms a protective barrier from the harsh chemicals found in hair dyes, and this is what hairdressers recommend.

What type of shampoo is recommended to wash hair before dyeing it?

In fact, the main goal of washing hair one to two days before dyeing it is to remove accumulations of hair care products, so be sure to choose a mild shampoo that gently cleanses the scalp and avoid using harsh shampoo that strips hair of its oils.

Among the suggested types of shampoo is coconut milk shampoo, which is rich in proteins and vitamins such as vitamin C, B6 and B3, in addition to lauric acid, which helps in strengthening hair.

Hair dye tips

Dear, after you know the answer to the question “Washing hair before dyeing?” We must mention to you another set of tips related to dyeing hair at home to get a better color:

Test the dye on a strand of hair:

Before you start dyeing your hair, test the dye on a small strand of hair near the nape of your neck. This method will show you the final hair color.

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Washing hair before dyeing
Washing hair before dyeing

Use two cans of dye:

If your hair is above shoulder length and is dry, or tends to be dry.

Choose the dye depending on the texture of your hair:

Curly and coarse hair tends to absorb more color and appear gray or bluish when dyed, while fine hair tends to have an orange or copper tinge to it, so choose warm colors such as golden or bronze, which are lighter than the natural hair color if your hair is curly, and cool colors such as Beige and ash blonde if you have fine hair.

Condition the ends of your hair before washing hair before dyeing:

Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair before washing the color out from the roots.

Section your hair properly when you dye it:

Proper sectioning is essential when coloring hair for a satisfactory end result, so first part your hair vertically from the middle of the forehead to the nape of the neck, then horizontally from one ear to the other, and start coloring your hair from the back of the head forward.

Apply the dye to the roots first:

Because the hair is darker at the roots, it takes more dye and takes longer to process, so start by applying the dye at the roots of your hair and then sweep it down the rest of the hair with a hair color brush for Washing hair before dyeing.

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