8 Ways to boost memorization skills

Ways to boost memorization skills. When your child returns home after spending a long school day full of movement and effort, he certainly looks tired and feels unable to study or perform homework, but often evades it by playing, watching TV, or sleeping for long periods.

Here, daily and frequent disagreements and skirmishes begin between you in an attempt to force him to study. But replace these ways that alienate your child from studying with other ideas and activities that you can participate in with your child. To contribute to increasing the child’s focus in studying and renewing his energy so that he can focus on what he remembers.

8 Ways to boost memorization skills

In the following lines, we explain the most important 8 ways to boost memorization skills:

Ways to boost memorization skills. Allocate time for your child from a young age and before entering the nursery to get used to the idea of studying, and start with him some beloved activities, such as reading books or drawing and coloring.

Make sure that your child participates while doing his homework and studying it. Your presence next to him will encourage him to finish his homework, as he is sure that you will notice his performance and review the answers with him if he makes a mistake.

Ways to boost memorization skills. Make study time a pleasant and enjoyable time for your child. For example, you can exchange the roles of teacher and student with him by asking him questions and letting him answer them. And if he made a mistake or forgot the answer, reverse the role and ask him to ask you the question, and make him share the answer with you, and thus he will repeat the answer until he can memorize it.

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Ways to boost memorization skills
Ways to boost memorization skills

How to teach a child to memorize a poem

Explore your child’s tendencies towards certain academic subjects and help him excel in them. If you feel his love for science, you can participate in one of the simple practical experiments at home. Or if he is a fan of mathematics, bring him wooden numbers and geometric shapes that motivate him to excel in it.

Ways to boost memorization skills. Set a schedule for your child with the number of homework that he must finish, and whenever he finishes a part, delete it from the to-do list so that he feels accomplished. What motivates him to finish it quickly, and make sure that this schedule includes some short rest periods.

Bring a blackboard for your child in his room, on which you can write the lesson and explain it to him in a simple way, and make him participate in writing on it by solving one of the questions or writing the words he is required to memorize.

How to help a child memorize a speech

Use the method of linking and analogy, as it is one of the best ways to help your child memorize information, such as making the letter B with a plate or linking the Alef with the rabbit.

Ways to boost memorization skills. Bring your child educational CDs that rely heavily on solving questions and repeating answers, not just explaining lessons in a boring way.

Use illustrations and PowerPoint presentations to explain one of the things that is difficult for your child to understand, as it is known that visualization enhances memorization and concentration.

Ways to boost memorization skills. Update the methods you use to study with your child as he gets older and moves to a new stage of study, and give him more space of independence to study his lessons on his own over time.

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