Ways to entertain children at home 2023

Ways to entertain children at home. If you are a working mother, then of course you are always busy. Working from home is one of the leading trends in this period, although it has solved many problems related to caring for children, especially infants and young children.

It may be very exhausting for you, as your young children may want to play with you, and they may get tired of playing on their own, which disrupts and disturbs you. In this article, we will talk about ways to entertain children while the mother works.

Ways to entertain children at home 2023

In the following lines, we will explain Ways to entertain children at home:

Assembly and disassembly games

Assembly and disassembly games, such as cubes, lego, and puzzles, are among the games that occupy the child a lot and make him immersed in them. But make sure to choose games that are appropriate for your child’s age, as the games that are too easy for him will not represent any challenge for him and he will quickly get tired of them.

Ways to entertain children at home. Toys older than his age may not understand how to play with them. One of the important tips is also not to make this game available to him all the time, put it in a place out of his reach, and do not take it out except when you work.

Eat the food

Ways to entertain children at home. Feeding your baby, yourself can be stressful, tiring and time consuming, prepare him a complete breakfast, or a snack. And put a big tablecloth under him on the floor, and let him eat himself, it will occupy him for a while.

Entertaining children’s books

Ways to entertain children at home. Offer your child one book at a time, make sure to choose age-appropriate books that contain many pictures. And if your child is young, give him books with cardboard or plastic, so that he does not spend his time cutting the book.

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Ways to entertain children at home
Ways to entertain children at home


Ways to entertain children at home. Bathing is one of the favorite activities of young children, and some children can spend more than an hour enjoying their bath. Of course, you should not leave your child alone in the bathroom as he could be at risk of drowning, so you have two options. Either put your child in a plastic bathtub in front of you at your workplace, or take your chair and work tools and sit in front of the bathroom.

Educational electronic programs

Ways to entertain children at home. There are many educational websites for children of all ages, and entertaining interactive phone applications. Your child can use a tablet device for a specific time every day in learning and entertainment through these websites and applications.

Work outside the home

You can take your child out to a place with a safe play area, appropriate for his age, and during his waiting hours you can do some work.

Time management tips for mothers between work and play with children

After talking about Ways to entertain children at home, we offer tips for organizing time for mothers between work and play with children:

  1. Ensure that you spend quality private time with each of your children every day.
  2. This time can range from ten minutes to half an hour depending on your circumstances.
  3. At this time, make sure that your full focus is with your child, what makes him happy, and avoid any distractions such as the phone and television.
  4. Make sure to organize your children’s sleep, as children need to sleep from 11 to 12 hours.
  5. And you need about eight hours of sleep, which can save you four full hours of working while asleep.
  6. This can be very useful if you work from home. Take a short break between work hours, to play with them and offer them a snack.
  7. If you work from home. Make sure to adhere to a specific number of hours of work per day, and do not make work distributed over all hours of the day.
  8. Make sure you spend a nice time with them at the end of the week, go out to a play area, or watch a fun cartoon together.

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