6 ways to prevent nail biting

Ways to prevent nail biting – nail biting is a habit that indicates excessive nervousness, anxiety, pressure, or boredom, and in addition to its effect on the outward appearance, the habit of nail biting may also affect health.

When you do nail biting, germs are transferred back and forth between the nails and the mouth, and this can cause infections under the nails and permanent damage to the nails, gums, and teeth. Learn about ways to get rid of the nail biting habit:

6 ways to prevent nail biting

Here is a group of ways to prevent nail biting that help you get rid of nail biting in the following:

Covering nails

Covering your nails can help you get rid of nail biting, and you can use the following solutions:

  • Installation of artificial nails, it can look good if it is attached to a specialized material, so that it is safe to use on real nails and does not cause them harm.
  • Wear gloves as much as possible, especially in the winter.
  • Putting a plastic cover or stickers on the nails, and this ensures that the nails are not brought into the mouth for the purpose of biting them.

Take up a new habit

Habits are very difficult to break, and nail biting is no exception, so try to replace nail biting by finding other habits that replace this bad habit, and ways to prevent nail biting include the following:

  • Hum your favorite songs softly to not disturb those around you.
  • Light pumpkins on the table by fingers.
  • Chew sugarless gum or other sweeteners.
  • Snack on vegetables.

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ways to prevent nail biting
ways to prevent nail biting

Make new friends

It is easier for you to achieve the goal of nail biting when you do it with a friend who has the same habit, as you both have a greater chance of success in achieving the goal.

Another good reason to find a supportive nail-biting buddy is that you probably share the reasons for your nail-biting. Or the way you go about other things in life, so people with the same bad habits may share similar psychological histories or have similar personalities.

Find other ways to relieve stress

The habit of nail biting calms most of those who do it when they feel stressed and anxious, so it is preferable to adopt other methods of calming instead of nail biting, and ways to prevent nail biting include the following:

  • Relax by creating a calm atmosphere, such as drinking herbal tea.
  • Use a soothing scented body cream after showering.
  • Adopting certain breathing techniques, such as deep breathing or rapid breathing.
  • Often, nail biting is accompanied by other habits that damage other parts of the body, such as: pulling out the hair, or sensitizing the skin. All of these habits can have harmful effects on our outward appearance, and this is often the main reason for which people want to stop. practice these habits.

Imagine succeeding in eliminating nail biting

Appearance plays a very important role socially and most of us strive to look good, but the habit of nail biting detracts from these efforts and makes nails look bad and sick.

You can use positive visualization and these are the best ways to prevent nail biting to be a factor that gives a lot of motivation to achieve success in getting rid of nail biting. So you can fill your environment with images of healthy and elegant hands as motivation to achieve your goal of not biting nails.

The idea is that by embedding an image of success in the brain, it creates a disciplined environment and in doing so, causes the brain to change its desire to bite nails, and images that you immerse yourself in of healthy, elegant hands will appear to the brain as if it is a real experience that you are living and it will direct you there.

Distract yourself with other practices

Best ways to prevent nail biting Once you know you have a nail biting habit, you can direct that energy to other places. Some people occupy their hands so that they do not feel the need to bring them into the mouth and bite nails. Including pressure on the rubber ball with the palm of the hand to relieve tension.

If you want to be more efficient, you might adopt a new hobby that requires hands, such as painting, sculpting, sewing, knitting, or jewelry making.

And if you keep doing it eventually, you won’t feel the need to bite your nails to relieve stress. These are the best ways to prevent nail biting.

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