What is forex and how to profit from it 2023

What is forex and how to profit from it? How much profit from forex? Is trading in forex profitable? Is trading in forex prohibited in Egypt? Where does the profit money come from in the forex market?

What is forex and how to profit from it?

Is it possible for any ordinary individual who is not fully aware of everything related to the world of profit in Forex, to make a profit from it? The logical answer will be no, he will not be able to make any profit in something he does not know, but we assure you that the correct answer is absolutely yes! It is extremely

Simplicity, which is that despite your complete lack of knowledge, you can expect the price movement of something, not based on knowledge, but rather a quick reading in the case of the country in which you are located. Here you will be able to succeed in trading forex operations.

What is forex and how to profit from it? For example: If you notice from the news of the economy in the world that the value of the euro is declining, all you have to do is buy dollars in the category, the euro / dollar

From this process it is very possible to make big gains, or you may lose. The controlling factor in this is how correct your prediction is, and is it correct or is it wrong!? The lesson is not knowledge of the laws and secrets in this wide world, but there is a sound expectation that will not be less important than knowledge of the origins of Forex.

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What is forex
What is forex

What is the difference between forex and stock exchange

Forex and the stock exchange have the same work, and the only difference between them is that the stock exchange is traded locally, meaning that if you were in Saudi Arabia, and you bought shares from your country’s stock exchange, and those shares were exposed to a decline, you will lose your money, without being able to accurately determine the losses, as You won’t make a profit because it’s a total loss.

As for forex, on the contrary, your stock may be exposed to a sudden decline, but you will not get more losses, because you are simply able to determine your losses and gains, and even stop the loss at the limit you want.

How is forex learned

What is forex and how to profit from it? Learn this big world of forex, it does not need many things, just patience and diligence and knowledge of everything new in this field, because professional traders are always striving to develop themselves, now it is no longer difficult, news is on the Internet, and your ability to The right analysis will help you profit.

The most important thing that you must know and master is mastering the appropriate decision-making at the right time. You must diversify your tools from a good follow-up to all the news of your country’s economy, and an analysis of this news at the highest level of accuracy. The volume of trading in the global stock market called Forex is billions of dollars.

When to use Take Profit Order?

What is forex and how to profit from it? In fact, it is not better for people who are novices in the currency trading process to rely on the use of determining the order to collect profits before starting the trading process because of the lack of sufficient experience

What is forex? that qualifies them to determine the profit taking order at the correct time. It is better to use the profit taking order during the trading process and according to market indicators.

What is forex and how to profit from it? However, it is possible to determine the timing of using the profit-taking order for beginners and non-beginners when trading is a speculative process, which is the process that is characterized by its short time.

Also, people who enter into long-term trading operations. They prefer not to specify the profit collection mechanism and leave it according to market indicators so that they can make a decision at the right time.

Because defining the order to collect profits in trading operations does not achieve sufficient flexibility, which is an essential advantage.

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